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France Flights Guide

From the Eiffel Tower to the Champ Elysees and buttery morning bread to the end of a night with a glass of bordeaux, everything about France feels iconic. The country has created an identity for itself, one of top quality 'everything' all of the time.

Surely as you read this you can almost picture yourself sitting at a tiny cafe in one of the arrondissement shipping on something delicious in a delicate china cup as light French music plays in the background. You are meeting your new French friend so this means a double- cheek kiss.

You both sit down and order the most delicious meal you have ever had in your life and then take a walk outside as the stars sparkle above over the a city blessed by perfection. Yes, this is what French dreams are made of.

The country has four distinct seasons so expect heat in the summer and cooler temperatures in the winter, and of course if you are traveling in the northern part of the country the air will be cooler than the south.

The capital of France is Paris and that is where you find those famous symbols of the country that are known the world over. A trip to the city isn't complete until you climb the Eiffel Tower and stand at the top relishing the fact that you are in the postcard that you have seen millions of times. Giving it's iconic status, the place is popular and line ups long so if you book a flight during the cooler months you might avoid the north-of-the-equator crowds that descend upon the city from June to August.

Simply the name exudes a certain je ne sais quois - the Champs Elysees could be called the most idyllic, high-heeled strolling and shopping street in the world. It is an interesting mix of nature meets fashion. The trees that line it bring you out of the city and into nature but as it morphs into boutiques and cafes you see a different side of this dame Champ Elysees - regardless of whether you want to stroll or shop - you are in for a vive le France kind of time.

France is home to some of the greatest collections of art in the world and one of the most impressive places these precious pieces can be found is at the world-renowned Louvre. This is also where that bewitching painting known throughout the world is found - the Mona Lisa. To see the painting so closely is a goosebump-moment waiting to happen and just a note - her eyes really do follow you - which adds to the goosebump moment.

Once you feel you have adapted enough of a Parisian style, it is time to head out into the country and there is no better place to go than Bordeaux. If you aren't already a wine aficionado, you will be by the time you leave this region. This region is known for its bold reds and has been producing them for several hundred years. These days old family vineyard have opened their doors to curious wine tourists and offer tours of the vineyards as well as beautiful meals paired with their very own top quality wines. Additionally, you can find all sorts of little inns and hideaways to stay in as you enjoy a little bit of the countryside and lovely French wines.

And for a lovely slice of history, a visit to Strasbourg is a must. This city straddling France and Germany is a true representation of cultural fusion. It sits within the borders of France but when you arrive your eyes may tell you that you are actually in Germany.

The Rhineland style buildings sitting in perfect symmetry surrounding squares and lining perfectly cut streets gives one the feeling of being in a place too perfect to exist. The city is home to quite a few significant pieces of ancient architecture including beautiful medieval churches that take you back hundreds of years. In fact, the center of the town has been officially declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Regardless of where you travel in the country you will always be reminded of the good life that is France and likely will take a little bit of that air back home with you.

Vive le France!

France Airlines

Airlines servicing the route between France and Australia include Air India, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Korean Air, Air China, Etihad Airways, Qantas Airways, Emirates, Virgin Australia, Air France, Alitalia, Singapore Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, United, British Airways, KLM and American Airlines.

Australia to France Flights

Popular stovers between Australia and France include Delhi, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Rome.

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