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China Flights Guide

Get ready to be pulled out of your comfort zone as you book your flight to China. It is a country that will amaze you, delight you and maybe even shock you due to the sheer pace of life and development. Its rich history is evident in its preserved monuments and buildings like the Imperial Palace and the Great Wall of China. However this country of reserve and spirituality is quickly zooming forward with innovation and technology.

You can check out their latest in innovation in Suzhou province where a construction firm is taking fast delivery to extremes. The company most recently printed 10 houses using a 3D printer and that is just a quick example of China moving forward in leaps and bounds. Beijing is the country's capital and one of the fastest growing cities with shiny new skyscrapers and massive shopping malls under continuous construction. Here you can visit Tiananmen Square, the sheer size of it will shock you. The Forbidden City as well as the Summer Palace are two of the most-visited sites in Beijing.

Shanghai is a sparkling world class city. Its history is evident in little temples speckled in and around new neighborhoods. But what you are most likely to notice is the very sheer modernity of the city with high-end restaurants and bars coralled in glass and stainless steel and luxury shopping. Shanghai is also the country’s financial heart and with a population of 30 million and counting, it is a whirlwind of sights and sounds. The city has truly managed to truly blend its old and new personalities with Buddhist temples standing up to skyscrapers.

To experience a little more of China's history visit Xi'an which is where you will find ancient architecture as well as the famed Terracotta Warriors. The sheer size of the country means going from south to north and east to west will bring you to entirely different geographies. Head to the Himalayas for a completely different experience where nature walks and meditation retreats are the order of the day.

A country that boasts rugged mountain landscape, the Gobi Desert and harbour coves is sure to have a varied climate as China does. The southern portion of the country is much warmer throughout the year while the north cooler and snowy, if you are doing a multi-city trip you may have to throw in a parka alongside your flip-flops.

China Airlines

Malaysia Airlines, China Eastern Air, China Southern, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Korean Air,

Australia to China Flights

Popular stopovers outside of the country include Kuala Lampur, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo. You can also easily do a multi-city tour in the country since stopovers often include major cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

More information at the China Holidays guide.