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Brazil Flights Guide

It is true the people are hot and so is the climate, and once you land in Brazil you are bound to find your inner sexy Brazilian. The country is massive, the largest in South America and since gaining its independence in the early 19th century it has grown in power and created a unique role for itself on the world stage.

Brazil has its own unique spot as far as personalities go, the lush rainforest gives it a wild tropical touch and the famous Carnival that takes place annually brings a whole new meaning to street party. Carnival may be one of the world's largest parties, but truth be told - the country's love for soccer results in a festive spirit throughout the soccer year. The country's love affair with soccer is well known throughout the world and this love affair has also produced some of the finest soccer players out there. So brace yourself and book a few seats at a soccer game to truly understand what a passion for sports is all about.

Brazil has a varied geography as it includes 8.5 million square kilometers of land and features borders with ten countries. A majority of Brazil is covered in rainforests but the savanna in the central part of the country is particularly appealing. In fact, the capital of Brasilia goes through the savanna.

The beaches around the eastern coast are especially popular with the ones around Rio de Janeiro and Recife being the hottest. Meanwhile, temperatures around the equator can get to be 25 degrees with the northeast being particularly dry. The southern parts of Brazil tend to get temperatures hovering in the 30s at times.

Guests can head out to Paraty to visit some of the quiet bays and beaches around the coastal town as well as the famed Saco do Mamangua beach. Ouro Preto is also home to a number of interesting sites including many historic Catholic churches like the Igreja nossa Senhora Do Carmo.

The white sand beaches of Porto de Rua are also worth exploring. Of course, visitors can take a look at various settlements around the Amazon as that river goes through a good part of Brazil.

There are several key cities to discover including the capital of Brasilia, a town that is home to the Paranoa Lake, an artificial lake that is popular with sailing enthusiasts. The town of Belo Horizonte is also popular among tourists because it is home to the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the largest Catholic churches in the world.

If you love coffee - you have reached the motherland - Brazil is famous for some of the smoothest flavoured coffee beans around. Many coffee farms in the country offer tours which can make for a great day trip and for a true coffee lover there can be nothing better than a cup full of freshly ground Brazilian coffee in the very place where the beans are grown - yum!

Whether you plan on partaking in fruity - umbrella things by the beach while working on your tan or gliding down the Amazon River to the tune of pretty birds, Brazil will show you a good time like no other.

Brazil Airlines

Airlines servicing the route include Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways and KLM.

Australia to Brazil Flights

Popular stopovers include Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Guangzhou.

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