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Shanghai - Pudong Holidays & Travel Guide

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Shanghai - Pudong Holidays Overview


The city of Shanghai is the largest city in China and one of the largest in the world. It is situated at the mouth of the Yangtze River on eastern central coast of China. The city has a province level status though administered as a municipality.
Shanghai begun as a fishing community before growing into a market town in the 10th century. It became a city for the first time during the Yuan dynasty in the 13th century. In the 16th century, a city wall to protect the town from raids. At the height of the Qing dynasty it became a crucial sea port Yangtze Delta region.
The city was temporarily captured by British forces early in the 19th century during the first Opium war. The treaty of Nanking ended the war and opened up the city to foreign trade. This accelerated the growth of Shanghai into a business and financial hub by the 1930s. Unfortunately, the policies of the communist government that took over in 1949 somewhat stunted the growth of Shanghai. Fortunately, the Beijing government realized the error of hardline economic controls and begun economic reforms in 1984. By 1990, the changes had started to be felt and by the 21st century, Shanghai had reclaimed its place as a major world financial centre.
Shanghai has a population of about 18 million people it one of the world’s most populated cities. The main languages in use are the vernacular Shanghainese which is a dialect of Wu Chinese. Chinese Mandarin is the lingua Franca while standard Mandarin is the official language.
The climate in Shanghai is humid and there are four distinct seasons. Winter can get very cold due to cold wind that emanates from Siberia. Typhoons are common place and have caused substantial damage in recent years.


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Shanghai - Pudong holidays - Top Events

The Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival is held in September and October each year. During this ceremony crowds gather at the century park to watch fireworks detonated in tune with musical melodies. Different displays are organized by pyrotechnic companies from all over the world.
Another crowd puller is the China Shanghai International Arts Festival held in October and November each year. The city comes alive with a mosaic of art. Other events during this time include an exhibition of Chinese opera and Russian ballet.
The Shanghai International Marathon takes place every year in November. More than 20, 000 runners hit the streets and are cheered on by rows of spectators. There is a half marathon option and 5 kilometre health race for those that cannot go the full distance.
These are just some of the many events in Shanghai. It must be understood that Shanghai is not only quite large in terms of its population but is also the cultural heartbeat of China. In any given month, there can be as many as ten events happening in the city.


Shanghai - Pudong holidays - How to Get There

A number of airlines operate scheduled direct flights to Shanghai’s Pudong airport from Australia. The main airlines include Qantas, Air New Zealand, Air China, China Eastern and British Airways. Sydney and Melbourne are the major departure airports. The average direct flight time from Sydney to Shanghai is 10 hours.




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