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Nanjing Holidays Overview


Nanjing is the capital city China’s Jiangsu Province and is located on the lower Yangtze River. It was the capital of China for a number of historical periods and is regarded as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China together with Beijing, Luoyang and Xian (Chang’an). The city has undergone numerous periods of destruction and reconstruction by successive rulers and dynasties. It first became a capital of the Wu Kingdom in 229 BC. During the Ming dynasty, the then emperor Zhu Yuanzhang made Nanjing the capital of China in 1368. He built an impressive city wall which was the longest at that time.
When the Republic of China was founded in 1912 after the Xinhai revolution, Nanjing was chosen as the new capital. During the second world war, Japanese forces invaded Nanjing and committed what is today known as the Nanjing Massacre where conservative estimates put the death toll at 200, 000.
The city currently has a population of just fewer than 8 million. The majority of inhabitants are ethnic Han speakers. The main language and official language is Chinese Mandarin. As one of the four ancient capitals of China, it is only natural that Nanjing would have a rich cultural history. This aspect attracts visitors ranging from intellectuals to curious tourists from all over the world. A number of leading art groups in China are based in Nanjing. The largest art gallery in Jiangsu province, The Jiangsu Art Gallery is also based in Nanjing. The Nanjing library with its 7 million printed volumes is the third largest in China after the Beijing National Library and Shanghai Library.
The climate in Nanjing is humid and influenced by the East Asia Monsoon. Summers are hot and there is plenty of rainfall throughout the year. The hottest months are from may to September while the coldest are from November to February.


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Nanjing holidays - Top Events

The annual International Plum Blossom Festival is held at Plum Hill every year. It attracts thousand of tourists annually and is the largest plum collection in all of China. Other popular events are the Kite festival, The Linggu Temple Sweet Osmanthus Festival, The Baima Peach Blossom and The Jiangxin Zhou Fruit Festival.


Nanjing holidays - How to Get There

Direct flights Nanjing from Australian cities are quite rare. The most viable travel option is to fly direct to Shanghai’s Pudong Airport and then connect to Nanjing from there. A number airlines are flying direct to Shanghai form Sydney and Melbourne, they include; Qantas, China Eastern, Air New Zealand, Air China and British Airways. The average direct flight time from Sydney or Melbourne to Shanghai is 10 hours. It takes another 30 minutes to fly to Nanjing from shanghai.




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