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Lahore Holidays Overview


The city is Lahore is located in North Eastern Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is the capital of Punjab and second largest city of Pakistan. Its rich Mughal heritage has led to its labelling as the “Garden of Mughals”. The origin of the city of Lahore is filled with legendary and mythical stories based on oral traditions. It has been mentioned by ancient writers dating as far back as Ptolemy who mentioned it in his Geographia referring to it as Labokla. The city has been ruled by various Kingdoms with the most recent being the British Empire which ruled Lahore and the rest of Pakistan from 1849 to 1947.
Lahore is a thriving economic city which contributes 13% of Pakistans’s GDP. The Lahore Stock Exchange contributes to this vibrant economy. The infrastructure and communication network is the most developed in all of Punjab Province. One of the largest and most well known industries is the hand made carpet manufacturing industry. Lahore is world famous for its hand made carpets which are among Pakistan’s leading export products.
The main language in use is Punjabi with English as the official language. The population of Lahore is projected to be slightly over 10 million which makes it the second largest city in Pakistan and one of the 30 largest cities in the world by population. The most populous racial group are Punjabis who make up 87% of the population followed by the Urdu who make up 10% of the population. The large majority of the population, up to 95%, are Muslim.
Lahore experiences extreme weather from May to July when temperatures can sometimes hit 50 degrees Celsius. There is heavy rainfall during the months of December through to February.


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Lahore holidays - Top Events

Many festivals and events are celebrated in Lahore throughout the year. It is widely acclaimed as the cultural capital of Pakistan. One of the major events is of course the Muslim Eid ul- Fitr and Eid ul-Adha .
The Punjabi also mark the beginning of Spring (March) with the Basant festival when kite flying is traditional.
Then there is the Festival of Lamps which is celebrated at around the same time as the Basant Festival on last Friday of the month of March. It is held outside the Shalimar Gardens and is also referred to as Mela Chiraghan.
The National Horse and Cattle Show is held annually in Spring. Activities include livestock displays and horse or camel races. The festival is held at the Fortress stadium and lasts for one week.
Every November, The World Performing Arts Festival is held in Lahore at the Alhambra cultural complex. It is a ten day festival that attracts thousands of international performers. The World Performing Arts Festival is a feast for the senses with lots of music, dance, theatre, concerts and puppetry shows.


Lahore holidays - How to Get There

Direct flights from Australia to Lahore are rare. Most travelers use an indirect connection through Singapore then onwards to Lahore. Singapore Airlines offers flights from Sydney Kingsford and Perth to Singapore and then provides a connecting flight to Karachi and from Karachi onwards to Lahore. The average flight time from Sydney to Lahore is 14 to 20 hours depending on the connecting flight arrangements.




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