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Haikou Holidays Overview


Haikou which is also popularly known as ‘Coconut City’ is the capital of Hainan Province which is located on the northern end of Hainan Island, the second largest island in China.The city is the administrative center of Hainan and it also functions as its main economic, cultural and transportation hub.
Haikou is located on the west bank of the Nandu River estuary. This city which is surrounded by the sea on three sides is blessed with a long coastline that features many beautiful beaches and seaside resorts. Haikou enjoys a tropical climate which contributes greatly to its general laid- back ambience which is quite different from the frenzied pace that characterizes other Chinese cities.
Haikou’s history can be traced to the time it served as a port for the Qiongshan region.
The Qiongshan region was established as a county during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). In the 13th century Haikou was fortified and served as a military post under the Ming Dynasty(1368–1644). Qiongshan was then opened to foreign trade under the Treaty of Tianjin in 1858 and the region then began to compete with Haikou but Haikou soon overtook it and in the 1930’s it was declared as a separate administrative entity. Haikou was occupied by the Japanese during the Sino-Japanese War which lasted from 1937-1945.
Haikou continued to grow as a port from 1949 onwards and in 1988 it was made a prefecture-level city which was made the capital of the newly created Hainan region.


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Haikou holidays - Top Events

Hainan International Coconut Festival
This festival which celebrates the culture of Hainan Island is usually held during late March or early April. The coconut festival is designed to attract tourists to the island and accordingly features many indigenous folk arts and customs of the people of Hainan Island.
Huanhua Festival (Flower Exchange Festival)
This festival is usually celebrated around the 15th of January depending on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This festival coincides with the Chinese Lantern Festival and features the exchanging of flowers by young people. The rose is usually the favoredflower that is used for the purpose of exchange during this festival. After exchanging flowers, the young people usually go together to visit the flower markets. They also take part in dances and enjoy many delicacies which are specially prepared to celebrate this festival which dates back to the reign of the Tang Dynasty.
Jumpo Festival
The Jumpo Festival is typically celebrated from the second day to the nineteenth day of the second lunar month.This festival commemorates Madame Xian who was a politician who lived in Haikou during the sixth century. During the Jumpo festival which lasts over four days people consume delicacies made from taro root, sweet potatoes and shallots as they pray for longevity. Lion dances and dragon dances are also a feature of the annual festival.


Haikou holidays - How to Get There

Airlines like China Southern, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qantas provide air links to Haikou from the Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne.
The flight time of these journeys however depends on the route that you choose to take and the stops that you are compelled to make.
Australia does not have a diplomatic mission in Haikou but the country has its embassy in Beijing and additionally has consulates in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.




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