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Guilin Holidays Overview


Guilin is a popular and well developed tourist destination in China. This picturesque city is located in the north eastern section of the Guangxi autonomous region which is located in South central China. The city and its surroundings are extremely scenic populated as they are with verdant highlands, clear water lakes and caves and grottos.
The history of Guilin dates back to more than 2000 years as the city has functioned as the political, economic and cultural epicenter of Guangxi ever since the reign of the Northern Song dynastry(960-1127). The Han Chinese Empire first made forays into the Guangxi region in the 3rd century BC and they constructed the Ling Canal at this time which facilitated transit and transport from the Yangtze River to the Kuei River via the Xi River. Guilin actually functioned as a trading post on the west bank of the Kuei River from the first century BC. During the reign of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) a garrison was established around Guilin as a result the city developed and prospered greatly.
However the city suffered much devastation during the Second World War when it was totally destroyed. After the war the city was reconstructed and several factories were established in the city. These factories are now involved in the processing of paper and chemicals though some of them also manufacture agricultural equipment.
Guilin and the Guangxi region are home nearly 12 different ethnic minorities and besides the Han Chinese, the city is also home to the Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Miao, Mulao, Maonan and Dong peoples. These various groups add to the character of the city and enrich the life of the city in their own way as they each follow their own unique culture and traditions and also celebrate various different festivals.


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Guilin holidays - Top Events

The population of Guilin is made up of various ethnic minorities which each celebrate their own festivals and events in addition the common Chinese festivals like the Chinese New Year( which usually falls between 22nd January and 19th February depending on the Lunar calendar)the Lantern festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival.
The Zhuang people in Guilin celebrate the Song festival on the third of March (according to the Lunar calendar) during this festival people gather together to sing various traditional songs as they celebrate the festival.
The Miao celebrate their New Year in October on a date determined by the lunar calendar. The young Miao people use this festival as a festival of courtship and young men play reed flutes while they court young women who are usually attired in their best.
The Dong people in Guilin also celebrate the Fireworks festival which is celebrated on a day determined by the lunar calendar. This day usually lies between January to October and features the lighting of three fireworks which are lit for the populationís prosperity, good fortune and a good harvest respectively.
Additionally the government of Guilin also organizes the Guilin Mountain and Water Tourism Festival during October to December annually in order to attract tourists to this beautiful region of China.


Guilin holidays - How to Get There

Airlines like Air China, China Eastern, Qantas, and Emirates provide air links from Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne to Guilin. However the flight time of these journeys ranges anywhere between 14 to20 hrs depending on the route that you choose to take and the stops that you have to make.
Australia does not have a diplomatic mission in Guilin but the country has its embassy in Beijing and has consulates in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.




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