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Coimbatore Holidays & Travel Guide

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Coimbatore Holidays Overview


Coimbatore is an industrial city which is located in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.This city which is located in the foothills of the Nilgiri hills is home to a large number industries like textiles, hosiery, engineering firms and automobile parts so much so that is often described as ‘the Manchester of South India’.Coimbatore is the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu and it plays an important role in the political and economic affairs of the state of Tamil Nadu.
Not much is known about the early origins of Coimbatore which is believed to have been initially inhabited by tribal people known as ‘Irulas’. It then was encompassed by the Chola Empire of the neighboring state of Karnataka in 1291. By the early 14th century Coimbatore came to the ruled by the Muslim rulers of the Delhi Sultanate through their representatives in Madurai. This rule was then replaced at the end of the 14th century by the rule of the Vijaynagar Empire. In the mid 15th century, the control of the Coimbatore region passed into the hands of the Nayaks of Madurai. These Nayaks delegated powers to military governors who ruled various regions of their empire but frequent fighting between Madurai and its neighboring state of Mysore resulted in Coimbatore passing into the hands of the rulers of Mysore in the 1700s.
At this time Coimbatore was still a small village which was made up of 3000 people, in 1760 the throne of Mysore was captured by General Hyder Ali who was at that time battling the British. The skirmishes with the British even continued during the reign of Hyder Ali’s son Tipu Sultan. When Tipu Sultan was killed in 1799, the British annexed Coimbatore and made it a part of the Madras Presidency. Coimbatore then featured in the Second Poligar war in 1801 which was waged against the British army that was stationed in Coimbatore by the King of Salem. Thereafter Coimbatore remained under British Rule until India achieved its independence from the British in 1947.


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Coimbatore holidays - Top Events

The Natyanjali Festival
This festival is celebrated in honor of the Lord Shiva who is the presiding deity of the city of Coimbatore. The festival which is essentially a temple dance festival is traditionally celebrated during the months of February and March and typically extends over five days.
Thaipusam is another important festival that is celebrated during the months of January and February in temples all dedicated to a Hindu deity known as Kartikeya or Mariamman. This festival is celebrated all over the state of Tamil Nadu including in the city Coimbatore. During this festival, devout followers of the deity try to walk over trenches of burning coal as they believe that the power of their faith will safeguard them from burns. In a similar fashion they mutilate their bodies by making piercings with hooks and rings , the devotees are usually in a trance-like state and don't usually feel any pain. The festival also features much feasting and the continous chanting of hymns.
Car Festival of Sri Koniamman temple
During this annual festival the temple’s presiding deity is paraded around the streets on a mammoth chariot which is nearly 50ft high and 10 ft wide and has stone wheels. This car is pulled by a rope as the spectacle is witnessed by throngs of devotees.
The city also celebrates other major Hindu festivals like Pongal and Deepavali.


Coimbatore holidays - How to Get There

Airlines like Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Thai, Cathay Pacific and Jet Airways offer air links to Coimbatore usually via Chennai from Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne.
These journeys usually involve stops in hubs such as Kuala Lumpur and Chennai and typically involve a flight time of more than 25 hours depending on the route you choose to fly.
Australia doesn’t have a consulate in Coimbatore however the nearest Australian consulate is located in the neighboring city of Chennaiwhich is also located in the state of Tamil Nadu.




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