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Changsha Holidays Overview


Changsha is the capital city of China’s Hunan province which is located in south-central China. The city of Changsha is situated in the valley of the Xiang river which is a branch of the great Yangtze River of China.
The origins of Changsha can be traced back nearly 3000 years, to the period between 770 BC and 476 BC when it was an important town in the Chu State. The State of Chu was one of the warring states that existed before Emperor Qin unified China. Changsha was then set up as an individual country during the Qin dynasty but it came into its own under the Han Dynasty which ruled from 206 B.C to 220 BC. In fact one of Changsha’s most important landmarks, the archeological site of Mawangdui dates back to the Han Dynasty. This site contains three tombs of people who belonged to the western Han Dynasty. Several relics have been unearthed from these tombs including silk products, lacquer works, potteries and ceramics, weapons and herbs which are today visible in the various exhibits of the Hunan Provincial Museum.
Changsha assumed much importance during China’s Qing dynasty (1644-1911), as well for during that time it was developed into an important political, economic and cultural center of the Hunan Province.
Changsha has an additional claim to fame as it is associated with Chairman Mao Zedong who is credited with the founding of the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Republic of China. Chairman Mao Zedong was born in the village of Shaoshan which is located 130 kilometers to the south west of Changsha. Today the chairman’s homes in Shaoshan have been preserved as a tourist site while the village also sports a statue of the Chinese leader who is today both loved and hated by the Chinese people.


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Changsha holidays - Top Events

Zhangjiajie International Forest Protection Festival
Changsha’s Zhangjiajie Park hosts the Zhangjiajie International Forest Protection Festival every March. During this festival visitors to the park are encouraged to enjoy nature’s bounty responsibly. The visitors enjoy the park by rafting, hiking and swimming in the park's natural springs.
Dragon Boat Festival
This traditional Chinese festival is celebrated on the fifth day of May as determined by the Chinese Lunar calendar. In Changsha, the dragon boat races are conducted on the Xiang River and feature strong young men who row with great enthusiasm to the raucous beat of traditional drums. The festival attracts hordes of people who enjoy the spectacle.
China Liuyang International Fireworks Festival
China is widely regarded to be the birthplace of fireworks and it is believed that the Hunan Province was one of the earliest producers of these fireworks. Accordingly Changsha along with Liuyang city hosts the annual China Liuyang International Fireworks Festival which features enormous fireworks displays that last over days.


Changsha holidays - How to Get There

Airlines such as Air China, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, China Southern and Korean Air offer air links to Changsha from Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The flight time of these journeys depends on the route that you choose to take and the stops that you are compelled to make.
Australia does not have a diplomatic mission in Changsha but the country has its embassy in Beijing and has consulates in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.




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