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How to book cheap flights


The team at have come up with an Infographic with details on how to find cheap flights.


Listing top tips on how to bag a bargain on your next domestic or international tip including;

  • Dates: Be Flexible on Dates. Try searching a couple of days before and after your desired travel period as prices can vary greatly on some routes.

  • Seasons: Book outside of peak season.- If possible, shoulder seasons can generally be more ideal both in terms of flight prices and accommodation when you arrive at your destination.

  • Timing: Do not book too early or too late - Depending on the destination, generally 6 weeks before departure has been shown to be the most ideal time to book.

  • Day: Travel Mid-Week to avoid Weekend - Avoid weekends and popular business travel week days such as Monday morning and Friday afternoon.

  • Avoid: Avoid peak work hours for domestic and short haul flights If travelling domestically consider early morning or later at night

  • Compare: Compare multiple sites for the best deal - try our handy tool to help you find the cheapest flights from over 10 sites - including Flight Centre, Expedia, Wotif, Lastminute and more.


The Infographic is free to share with the media and public (with a simple credit or link back to this page).