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Mexico Flights Guide

The pulsating reds, vivid yellows, bursting greens welcome you to a land of vivacious energy, hip-shaking sounds and a welcoming people - Welcome to Mexico.

It isn't everyday you're going to see Aztec inspiration mixed in with modern offices and warm old haciendas sitting on streets sometimes cobbled and other times concrete but this eclectic mix is yours to discover in Mexico.

The numerous regions and loose suburbs, or delegaciones and colonias, are as varied as the country, each one with a distinct personality so much so that a simple turn on a street will land you smack dab in the middle of what will seem like an entirely different place than that which you saw less than a minute ago.

Mexico City is the heart of the country and in its center sits Zocalo Square, which is flanked by the Presidential Palace and Metropolitan Cathedral, both places worth visiting and snaps worth taking. The statues and fountains in this area are of great cultural importance.

The historic city center sits on the ruins of an ancient Aztec civilization. However, there is one very important representation of the grand Aztec past - Mayor Temple.. The Mayor Temple Museum provides fascinating insights into the rich tapestry that is the Aztec culture. Additionally the town center features buildings from the Spanish colonial period, creating a living history of the city's past.

Sitting just outside of the city are the old Aztec pyramids which are an amazing site to see and provide an even greater reminder of the civilization that was. For some additional research and knowledge and to see some truly thought-provoking artifacts - you can head to the Archaeology Museum which is known worldwide for impressive preservation and collections.

Also, Leon Trotsky spent four years here and a museum has been created in his memory detailing his life and work surrounding the Russian Revolution.

Of course no description of Mexico is complete without a jaunt over to the coastal destinations that has made it a hub for holiday seekers. The beaches range from soft and relaxing to buzzing with dance and music. Resorts run the gamut from luxury 5-star to students spring getaway good and everything in between.

Cancun offers a dizzying array of choices for nightlife from foam parties to thudding electronica, and is very popular with vacationers who aren't in the city to take it easy but are looking for a week long party of stupendous proportions.

However for those looking for something a little less foamy and thudding, Puerto Vallarta is a great choice. The aquamarine waters and sandy beaches make for the perfect getaway setting and evening entertainment choices include traditional music and delicious local fare. Cabos San Lucas offers a mixture of relaxation and parties alongside a strip of excellent beaches that welcome both families and relaxation seekers.

The weather in Mexico is warm to hot year round so a lovely beach tan will join you on your way home regardless of when you travel.

Mexico Airlines

Airlines providing service between Australia and Mexico include Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Aeromexico, Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, Air Canada, Air New Zealand and American Airlines.

Australia to Mexico Flights

Popular stopover cities between Mexico and Australia include Auckland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York and Honolulu.

More information at the Mexico Holidays guide.