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Japan Flights Guide

The most fascinating places in the world are the ones that can blend historic and traditional activities with the modern, advanced world and Japan can do precisely that. It is a fascinating mix of ancient beliefs rolled forward and blended into a futuristic Japan.

Maybe you've heard of Harijuko - if you haven't, open up your favorite search engine and have a look. This is fantasy - this is Japan. Dressing up is an art form - and it certainly isn't for Halloween - not in Japan. Young people for the most part dress like their favorite comic book characters or create personas of their own. You can spot them in Japan's big cities including in and around Harujuko Station in Tokyo and they are just a little sign of Japan - a complex country that is both far ahead of the rest of the world, but also looking back and trying to bring the rest of the world along for the fun ride.

The country is home to beautiful gardens and looming mountains while also being home to many cities that are influential to the worlds of technology and commerce. There are tons of gorgeous spaces to visit in this tiny nation like Mount Fuji, a mountain that is about 12,300 feet in height and is actually an active volcano that has not erupted in the last 300 years. There's also the Kinkaku-ji Buddhist temple in Kyoto, a building known for its massive garden complex and is a marvel of traditional garden design, and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in the city of Hiroshima. Most people who come out to Japan will explore the many modern and technologically-advanced cities within the country.

Tokyo is the country's capital and a world-class city on the levels of New York and Rome. The cityscape is super modern with fine examples of modern architecture dotting its skyline. For an eagle's eye view of the city, head to either the Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Skytree tower and take in an incredible view of the hustle and bustle of a city zooming into the future. From the towers you can also get a view of the giant Imperial Palace complex which stately sits in the middle of all of the new stuff. Additionally popular tourist attractions include Edo Castle and many amusement parks like Joypolis, Tokyo Disneyland and Toshimaen.

Travellers also flock to Osaka, a town located in the southern part of the country on Honshu Island, and the water-bound city of Fukuoka when they travel into Japan. The activities that people can enjoy are also particularly appealing as people will come into Japan to experience such things as baseball games in the Nippon Professional Baseball league or to engage in traditional meditative practices.

You don't have to worry about severe extremes with regards to the weather. The climate is calm for the most part. It can be up to 30 degrees in the summer and as low as 1 or 2 in the winter during an average day. Meanwhile, the land has a mix of mountains in the inland areas and urban growth along the coastline. The area is on a fault that is prone to earthquakes and potential tsunamis while rainfall occurs in the southern end of the country more than on the north.

Japan Airlines

Airlines providing service between Australia and Japan include China Southern Airlines, Air China, Garuda, Malaysia Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, United and Cathay Pacific.

Australia to Japan Flights

Popular stopovers between Australia and Japan include Guangzhou, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Singapore and Hong Kong and San Francisco.

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