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Greece Flights Guide

It is the land of Greek gods and fantastical tales, if Greece was a person she would eternally be confused in the modern day and firmly plant herself in the past.

Greece was formed around 3200 BC and has often been heralded as the place where Western civilization was born in. The country was home to many artisans and inventors of the time and is where the Olympics Games originated.

The country sits in southern Europe and is composed of both the mainland and numerous islands although few are inhabited. The central part of the country is mountainous and this is where majestic Mount Olympus sits.

The climate of Greece is marked by mostly cool conditions in the north with tough, snowy winters and hotter conditions elsewhere. Areas closer to the sea and equator can feature wet climates where the air is humid and conditions can reach close to 35 degrees at varying times throughout the year.

The capital of the country is Athens and this is where you will find numerous historical sites that bring visitors in from around the world including the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Temple of Hephaestus and the Plaka neighborhood.

Due to the wealth of ancient finds in the city, it is also home to numerous international research institutions and you literally can't turn a corner without finding yourself staring at a museum or library.

Once you've taken your trip through history in Athens you may need some down time and lucky for you Greece has an answer for that. The Greek islands provide some of the most spectacular coastlines and whitest beaches snuggled up against turquoise waters.

Besides the beaches, fantastic food and relaxing evenings sipping Greek wine or Ouzo, you can also spend time exploring the natural features the islands have to offer. The island of Santorini has an active volcano while Mykonos is home to the town of Chora, Crete is also home to many archaeological sites like Knossos Palace and it is also where you will find the lovely Dikti mountain range, which sits just outside Heraklion and holds some of the tallest peaks in the country. The island of Kos also has a fortress built by the Knights of Saint John of Rhodes.

You will note that olives and olive oil are found in most dishes since olive tree farming is huge and plays a significant role in the economy. Remember to tuck a bottle or two of the delicious, fresh stuff in your travel case so you can enjoy a taste of Greece at home.

Greece Airlines

Airlines servicing the route include Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways and KLM.

Australia to Greece Flights

Popular stopovers include Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Guangzhou.

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