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Seoul Weather & Seoul Transport


The complete guide to Seoul Weather and Seoul Transport information




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Seoul Holidays & Travel Guide

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Seoul Weather & Transport

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Seoul Airport Information

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Seoul Weather- Best Times to travel to Seoul

  Min Avg Temperature Max Avg Temperature Average Rainfall  
January -9C 0C 17cm
February -7C 3C 21cm
March -2C 8C 56cm
April 5C 16C 68cm Good Weather
May 10C 22C 86cm Good Weather
June 16C 27C 169cm Good Weather
July 21C 29C 358cm Good Weather
August 22C 31C 224cm Good Weather
September 15C 26C 142cm Good Weather
October 7C 19C 49cm Good Weather
November 0C 10C 36cm
December -7C 3C 32cm



Seoul Transport - Getting around Seoul


The easiest and quickest way to traverse the crowded city is on the subway, which has eight lines and serves all the main areas of interest. Station signs are written in English as well as Korean, and most lines have English announcements too. Subways are extremely crowded during the morning and evening rush hours, but are generally safe, though plagued with hawkers and beggars. Tickets are bought from vending machines or at ticket windows. Debit tickets for a certain amount can be purchased which have the amount of each fare deducted when swiped at turnstiles. Buses are frequent and cover the whole city, but tend to be very crowded. Tickets can be bought on boarding, or debit tickets can be purchased. Taxis are readily available. Regular taxis (white or silver) charge 1,600 won as an initial fee and have a complex system of metering thereafter. Black luxury taxis, called Mobeom taxis, are superior both in condition and service, fares being charged as 4,000 won at commencement.




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