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Kuala Lumpur Weather & Kuala Lumpur Transport


The complete guide to Kuala Lumpur Weather and Kuala Lumpur Transport information




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Kuala Lumpur Weather & Transport

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Kuala Lumpur Weather- Best Times to travel to Kuala Lumpur

  Min Avg Temperature Max Avg Temperature Average Rainfall  
January 23C 32C 161cm Good Weather
February 23C 32C 170cm Good Weather
March 23C 33C 231cm Good Weather
April 24C 32C 276cm Good Weather
May 24C 32C 196cm Good Weather
June 23C 32C 126cm Good Weather
July 23C 32C 128cm Good Weather
August 23C 32C 141cm Good Weather
September 23C 32C 195cm Good Weather
October 23C 32C 267cm Good Weather
November 23C 31C 281cm Good Weather
December 23C 31C 228cm Good Weather



Kuala Lumpur Transport - Getting around Kuala Lumpur


The hot and humid streets of Kuala Lumpur are usually jammed with traffic, even on the pavements. The easiest way to get around, therefore, is on the five different commuter train routes, each operated by a different company. The KL Monorail is the one that serves the main shopping and hotel districts, while the Putra LRT serves Chinatown. Fares are reasonable and the trains are very frequent on all routes, which operate from about 5.30am to midnight. City buses are hot, crowded and totally unreliable. Taxis can be hailed at the roadside or found at most obvious locations outside hotels, shopping centres and the like. Metered fares rise steeply between midnight and 6am, and drivers sometimes raise the price during peak hour or in bad weather.




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