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Hong Kong Weather & Hong Kong Transport


The complete guide to Hong Kong Weather and Hong Kong Transport information




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Hong Kong Weather & Transport

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Hong Kong Airport Information

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Hong Kong Weather- Best Times to travel to Hong Kong

  Min Avg Temperature Max Avg Temperature Average Rainfall  
January 14C 19C 27cm
February 14C 19C 44cm
March 16C 21C 75cm Good Weather
April 20C 25C 140cm Good Weather
May 24C 29C 298cm Good Weather
June 26C 30C 399cm Good Weather
July 27C 31C 371cm Good Weather
August 26C 31C 377cm Good Weather
September 25C 30C 297cm Good Weather
October 23C 28C 119cm Good Weather
November 19C 24C 38cm Good Weather
December 15C 20C 25cm Good Weather



Hong Kong Transport - Getting around Hong Kong


With one of the best and most varied public transport systems in the world and a compact city centre, getting around Hong Kong is extremely cheap, fast and efficient and is easy enough for even inexperienced travellers. It includes buses, minibuses, ferries, trams, light railways and an underground subway. The underground Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is fast, clean, efficient and inexpensive. Single-journey tickets or travel passes like the electronic Octopus card can be used on the MTR to easily access attractions, shopping and dining locations. Bus routes serviced with double-decker or single-decker buses cover all of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories with final destinations displayed in English and Chinese on the front. Bus fares are low and distance-based; exact change is required, or you can use the ubiquitous Octopus card, which covers all public transport options. Small mini-buses are more expensive but also more flexible, stopping for passengers to board or disembark on request. Hong Kong's old-fashioned trams still follow the same tracks they have since 1904 and provide visitors with wonderful views of the city from their upper decks along with being a cheap and convenient way of getting around. On the water fleets of ferries connect Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the Outlying Islands, Macau and Mainland China. Last but not least is a plentiful supply of taxis, colour-coded according to their area of operation. Taxi fares are low, but many drivers don't speak English and visitors are advised to have their destination written down in Chinese characters.




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