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United Kingdom travel guide - United Kingdom holidays, flights & hotels.


Top destination guides for United Kingdom holidays;

Bristol | Cardiff | Edinburgh | Glasgow | Liverpool | London | Manchester
Newcastle | Oxford |
Belfast | Exeter | Humberside | Inverness | Leeds | Newquay | Norwich
Teesside |


United Kingdom Holidays,  United Kingdom Holiday Packages Overview

It may seem hard to believe that this small, cold, wet island once held dominion over three quarters of the globe. The pomp and circumstance of previous centuries may have dwindled and the monarchy takes daily batterings in the local press, yet the UK and its people remain a fiercely proud nation. The past 100 years have seen a vast transformation as the country came to terms with its diminished role on the world stage, from colonial empire to a member of the EU.


The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the geography sweeps from mountainous highlands, to green and pleasant rolling countryside and vibrant cities. The country is jam-packed with two millennia of heritage, making visits of any length of time feel too short.


London is the UK's biggest city, a fantastic and frenetic metropolis teeming with people of all races, creeds and walks of life. Here the old contrasts spectacularly with the new, offering some of the world's most famous sights and an unrivalled nightlife. Travelling through the country will reveal its diversity, from quiet country lanes and inland waterways to majestic stately homes and castles. Thatched cottages in the Cotswolds paint a picture-postcard quaintness, where life appears to revolve around the village pub.


The medieval cathedral cities of York and Durham reveal a rich history of a bygone age, while the industrial cities of Liverpool and Newcastle both harbour an exciting nightlife. The beauty of the Lake District remains almost untouched, and Edinburgh's International Arts Festival draws talent from around the world.


Tourist Offices - United Kingdom Tourist Office: +44 (0)20 7808 3864 (London) or


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Entry Requirements


If a visa is not required, travellers should hold a return or onward ticket, or proof of funds for the duration of stay. Passports must be valid for the period of intended stay in the UK. All nationals of non-EEA member states travelling to the UK for more than six months require an Entry Clearance visa.

- For Australians - Australian nationals must hold a valid passport; a visa is not required. UK Immigration officials will decide on length of stay up to six months depending on reason for travel.

- New Zealand nationals must hold a valid passport, but no visa is required. UK Immigration officials will decide on length of stay up to six months depending on reason for travel.

- US travellers must hold a valid passport; a visa is not required. UK Immigration officials will decide on length of stay up to six months depending on reason for travel.

- US travellers must hold a valid passport; a visa is not required. UK Immigration officials will decide on length of stay up to six months depending on reason for travel.



United Kingdom Holidays - Currency of United Kingdom


The currency remains the pound (GBP), which is divided into 100 pence. ATMs are available in all towns and Visa, MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted; visitors with other cards should check with their credit card companies in advance. Foreign currency can be exchanged at bureaux de change and large hotels, however better exchange rates are likely to be found at banks. Travellers cheques are accepted in all areas frequented by tourists; they are best taken in Pounds Sterling to avoid additional charges.


United Kingdom Telephone Access Codes and Communications


The international country dialling code for UK is +44. The outgoing code is 00, or 048 for Northern Ireland, followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 001 for the United States). There are a wide range of city/area codes in use. Mobile phones work throughout the country; the network operators use GSM 1800 networks, which may not be compatible with some dual-band US cell phones. Internet cafes are available in major towns and cities, train stations and airports.


United Kingdom Duty Free Allowances & Restrictions


Travellers to the United Kingdom over 16 years with goods purchased in the EU for personal consumption do not have to pay duty on these goods provided they are for personal use or are gifts for family and friends. This does not apply to large quantities of alcohol or tobacco if the amounts exceed the following limits: 3,200 cigarettes, 400 cigarillos (up to 3g each), 200 cigars, and 3kg pipe or cigarette tobacco; 10 litres spirits with alcohol content higher than 22%, 20 litres alcohol less than 22% alcohol volume, 90 litres of wine (with no more than 60 litres sparkling wine) and 110 litres beer. Travellers to the United Kingdom over 17 years arriving from non-EU countries (including the Channel Islands and Gibraltar) do not have to pay duty on the following items: 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos (up to 3g each), or 50 cigars, or 250g tobacco; 1 litre spirits with alcohol content higher than 22%, or 2 litres dessert wine not exceeding 22% alcohol volume and sparkling wine, and 2 litres of table wine; perfume up to 60cc or 250ml eau de toilette; and goods such as souvenirs to the value of 145. The import of firearms must be accompanied by an appropriate license or certificate. Passengers to Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, Rwanda, Serbia and Montenegro, Sierra Leone, Somali and Sudan carrying sporting guns are not allowed to transit through the United Kingdom. All handguns are restricted under UK law and are only allowed on a BA aircraft with prior permission obtained from the Security Duty Manager. Prohibited items include indecent or obscene books, films or videos.


United Kingdom Holidays & Packages- Tipping Information


10 to 15% is expected in restaurants and upmarket hotels if a service charge hasn't been included. Hotel service staff receive an optional amount. Taxi drivers are usually given 10 to 15% of the fare. Other services are discretionary.


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