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China Holidays,  China Holiday Packages Overview

China kept itself to itself for thousands of years, and foreigners still find it difficult to penetrate the inner depths of this fascinating and enigmatic country. There is a great deal to discover in this, the world's most populated country, with more than 1.3 billion citizens, and the third largest in the world territorially. What makes it attractive as a destination for Western tourists is its fascinating culture and valuable antiquities. Ruins and relics from Neolithic settlements and the dynastic reigns of the mighty emperors are there to behold, along with adventures along the legendary ancient trade routes, such as the Silk Road. The Forbidden Palace, Great Wall, and X'ian's Terracotta Army, are just some of the incredible attractions to be seen in this ancient Eastern empire.


The People's Republic of China has been under communist government since 1949, but is currently undergoing social and economic development. Emphasis is being placed on tourist facilities and infrastructure. China is opening the doors to its wealth of historical and cultural treasures and visitors are flooding in to be amazed and awed. Organised tours are still the favoured way to explore China, but independent travel is slowly becoming easier. The major cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, are modern metropolises offering fast food and glitzy stores alongside centuries-old historical buildings and traditional eating houses. Archaeological wonders vie with amazing architecture in the interior, while majestic mountains and remote monasteries crown the northern areas.


Tourist Offices - China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), Beijing: +86 (0)10 6520 1114 or


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Entry Requirements


Visa applications should be made at least one month prior to departure for China. Passports must be valid for at least six months for a single or double entry visa and at least nine months for a multiple entry visa. Visas are granted only for the points of entry indicated in the passport. All documents necessary for further travel and sufficient funds to cover intended period of stay are required. Period of validity is stated on visas, and care should be taken when reading dates on visas for China (People's Rep.) as they are written in year/month/day format.

- For Australians - Australians require a passport and visa for entry to China.

- New Zealand nationals require a passport and visa for entry to China.

- US nationals require a passport and visa for entry to China.

- US nationals require a passport and visa for entry to China.

- UK nationals require a passport and visa for entry to China.


China Holidays - Currency of China


The currency used in China is the Renminbi Yuan (CNY). The Yuan is divided into 10 chiao/jiao or 100 fen. Make sure you exchange your leftover Yuan before returning home because this currency can be exchanged only within China's borders. Travellers cheques, preferably in US Dollars, and foreign cash can be exchanged in cities at the Bank of China. Banks are closed weekends. The larger hotels and the special 'Friendship Stores' designed for foreigners will accept most western currencies for purchases. Major credit cards are accepted in the main cities at various establishments, but outside the major cities acceptance is limited. ATMs are scarce outside the main cities.


China Telephone Access Codes and Communications


The international access code for China is +86. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 0044 for the United Kingdom). The city code for Beijing is (0)10. Telephone communication within China is good and improving all the time. International Direct Dialling is available in most cities. Phone cards are widely available and calls can be made from post offices and hotels; phone booths on the streets are usually for local calls only. In hotels, local calls are generally free or will be charged only a nominal fee. Mobile phone networks are very advanced. Operators use GSM networks and have roaming agreements with most non-North American international operators. Internet cafes are available in most main towns.


China Duty Free Allowances & Restrictions


Travellers to China do not need to pay customs duty on 400 cigarettes (600 cigarettes if stay exceeds six months); two bottles of alcoholic beverages (not more than 0,75 litres per bottle), or four bottles if staying longer than six months. Perfume for personal use is allowed. Prohibited goods include arms and ammunition or printed material that conflicts with the public order or moral standards of the country. Also prohibited are radio transmitters and receivers, exposed but undeveloped film and fresh produce. Strict regulations apply to the import or export of antiquities, banned publications, and religious literature. All valuables must be declared on the forms provided.


China Holidays & Packages- Tipping Information


Tipping is not officially recognised, although the practice is becoming more common among travel guides, top-end restaurants, tour bus drivers and hotel staff. Tipping is not expected in most restaurants and hotels. Large hotels and restaurants often include a service charge in their bills, usually of about 10%.


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