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Paphos maps & Attractions - Things to do in Paphos


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Paphos Attractions - Things to do

1. Tombs of the Kings

What is it? There are actually no kings buried here. Rather the site known as the Tombs of the Kings, one mile (two km) northwest of Paphos harbour towards Coral Bay, was the final resting place of about 100 Ptolemaic aristocrats who lived and died in the city between 3 BC and 3 AD. The tombs are impressive, carved out of solid rock, some featuring Doric pillars and frescoed walls. Archaeological excavations are ongoing at the site, which also features a church known as Paleoekklisia, which sports traces of Byzantine frescoes. Hours of Operation: Daily 8am to 5pm (November to March), 8am to 6pm (April to May and September to October), 8am to 7.30pm (June to August) Phone:(26) 306 295
2. The Mosaics of Paphos
Kyriakou Nikolaou Street
What is it? The striking mosaic floors in a series of ancient Roman noblemen's villas, dating from the third to fifth century AD, are a must-see for visitors to Paphos. The site where the villas are still being excavated can be found about 300 metres from the Paphos harbour. The mosaics featuring mythological scenes are visible in the houses of Dionysus, Orpheus and Aion, and the Villa of Theseus. All were made of small cubes of marble and stone, called tesserae, with glass paste added to widen the range of colour. In the House of Dionysus, for example, 5,985 square feet (556 sq metres) of floor space in 14 rooms are covered with the gorgeous mosaics. Hours of Operation: Daily 8am to 5pm (September to May), 8am to 7.30pm (June to August) Phone:(26) 306 217
3. Catacombs
Agio Pavlou Street
What is it? A large pistachio tree marks the entrance to the underground catacombs of Agia Solomoni in Kato Paphos. The tree is a strange sight, festooned as it usually is with pieces of cloth tied onto it by the faithful as offerings, in the hope that this sacred tree will cure various ailments. The catacombs themselves were carved into Fabrica hill, below the ancient Roman city wall, in the 4th century BC, and later became chapels for the early Christians. The underground chapels feature some interesting frescoes and graffiti left by 13th-century Crusaders, and there are numerous legends and stories attached to the patron saint Ayia Solomoni. Visitors are advised to take a torch along to explore the catacombs. Hours of Operation: Phone:
4. Acropolis

What is it? Near the modern Paphos lighthouse is sited a complex of ancient buildings, including a Roman Odeon, built in the 2nd century AD, which has been restored and is now used for summer orchestral and stage performances. The Odeon was the focus of the ancient city centre, of which some ruins still remain in the area. South of the Odeon are the remnants of the Roman Temple of Asclepius, the God of Medicine, and north of the lighthouse are the ruins of the ancient town walls. Hours of Operation: Phone:
5. Baths of Aphrodite

What is it? A romantic side trip from Paphos is a visit to the natural grotto on the Akamas Peninsula near Polis (30 miles/48km north of Pahpos) where legend has it that the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, used to take her baths. The serene pool, shaded by a fig tree and surrounded by beautiful examples of maindenhair fern, can be reached by nature trails from Akamas. Hours of Operation: Phone:

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Transport -Paphos has a reliable and inexpensive bus system that connects Kato Paphos and the upper town.


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