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La Paz maps & Attractions - Things to do in La Paz


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La Paz Attractions - Things to do

1. Iglesia de San Francisco

What is it? People congregate in the plaza in front of this imposing church, a mixture of Spanish and mestizo architecture. Construction began in 1549 but it was only finished in the mid-18th century, the architecture emphasising natural forms. On Saturday mornings it is often possible to see colourful Indian wedding processions leading to and from the church. The Plaza San Francisco is also an interesting place to pass the time and watch Bolivian life go by. Hours of Operation: Phone:
2. The Witches' Market (Mercado de Brujas)

What is it? Situated in a maze of narrow alleyways is one of the more bizarre markets in the world. An unusual collection of merchandise is sold here, from herbs and remedies used in Aymara traditions to potions, charms, and dried llama foetuses. Stretching up and around it is the traditional market scene selling a huge variety of goods for everyday needs, as well as Andean art and handicrafts. Hours of Operation: Phone:
3. Museo de Coca (Coca Museum)
906 Linares Street
What is it? This is a relatively new museum that describes the place of coca in the traditions and culture of the Bolivians. From as far back as they can remember, coca has been a part of their culture and has a place in legendary history when the gods and goddesses used the divine coca leaf to alleviate hunger, cold, fatigue and pain. At first the chewing of leaves was restricted to use in religious ceremonies and by upper-class families but the Spaniards soon became aware of its stimulating effects. They began to promote it widely among the Indian labourers to increase output and numb the senses against the hardships and anxieties they faced. The displays are very provocative and educational, and also include the use and exploitation of coca in the soft drink and pharmaceutical companies. Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm Phone:(02) 2311998

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Transport -La Paz is small with one main road running along the bottom of the valley, and satellite streets reaching up the sides of the canyon.


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