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Jackson maps & Attractions - Things to do in Jackson


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Jackson Attractions - Things to do

1. Old Capitol Museum
100 S. State Street
What is it? Originally called State House, the Old Capitol building has filled three purposes in its long history. From 1839 to 1903 it served as the state capitol, between 1917 and 1959 it housed government offices, and from 1961 to the present it has become an award-winning museum enshrining Mississippi's history. The exhibits are arranged in several categories, the highlight being 'Mississippi 1500 to 1800' which depicts the era when Americans, Europeans and Africans first encountered each other in the state, drastically altering the lives and society of the Native Americans who lived here. Full-scale dioramas illustrate the importance of cotton in the state's development, and interactive audio-visual experiences explain the profound effects of the Civil War on Mississippi. *Note: due to the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina the Old Capitol Museum has been closed until further notice.* Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm; Saturday 9.30am to 4.30pm; Sunday 12.30pm to 4.30pm Phone:(601) 576 6920
2. The Governor's Mansion
300 East Capitol Street
What is it? The Mississippi Governor's Mansion in downtown Jackson is the second oldest continuously occupied governor's residence in the United States. It was first occupied in 1842 by Governor Tilghman Tucker and his family, having just been built in the Greek Revival style, the most popular style of the period. Today architectural historians consider the mansion one of the best surviving examples of this style in the country, and in 1975 the building was designated a National Historic Landmark. The historic section of the mansion, furnished in period Empire style, is open to the public. Hours of Operation: Guided tours every half-hour between 9.30am and 11am, Tuesday to Friday. The mansion may be closed on occasion for official state functions and is closed during the last two weeks of December. The mansion grounds are closed to the public Phone:(601) 359 6421
3. Manship House Museum
420 East Fortification Street
What is it? The home of Charles Henry Manship, Civil War mayor of Jackson, and his large family has been restored as a museum depicting life in Mississippi in the mid-19th century. The house was built in Gothic Revival cottage style in 1857, and was unpretentious compared to the mansions for which the south is so famous. Today the house still stands in its original setting of trees and shrubs, painted in its original olive and cream colour with an authentic shingled roof. Manship was a decorative painter and craftsman and much of the interior features his handiwork, all restored or reproduced. The rooms have been furnished with some original objects. Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4pm; Saturday 10am to 4pm Phone:(601) 961 4724
4. Russell C. Davis Planetarium
201 East Pascagoula Street
What is it? Jackson's impressive planetarium is one of the largest in the world, with a huge hemispheric wrap-around screen that presents regular Sky Shows on astronomy, astronauts and space exploration. The planetarium, situated in the downtown cultural district, also presents laser light concerts featuring the music of contemporary and classic rock and roll artists combined with the imagery of a powerful indoor laser system, and astronomy hobby courses. Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm, Friday 8.30am to 9.30pm, Saturday 12.30pm to 9.30pm, Sunday 1.30pm to 5pm. Show and film schedule varies Phone:(601) 960 1550
5. Mississippi Museum of Art
201 East Pascagoula Street
What is it? The State's largest art museum, the Mississippi Museum of Art in downtown Jackson houses more than 4,000 works, including the world's largest collection by Mississippi artists. The museum also hosts numerous visiting exhibitions. Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm; Sunday 12pm to 5pm Phone:(601) 960 1515
6. Farish Street Historical District
What is it? The 125-acre neighbourhood bounded by Mill Street, Amite Street, Fortification Street and Jackson Street near downtown, known as Farish District, is one of the few historically black districts, built by former slaves, listed on the national register. It takes its name from Walter Farish, a freed slave who settled on the northeast corner of Davis and Farish Streets. The district was once the centre of political, religious, economic, educational and entertainment activities for the black professionals and craftsmen who lived in the area's 700-odd buildings, most dating from between 1890 and 1930. Among the more notable buildings are 229 East Church Street, former home of Dr Sidney Redmond, wealthy and successful businessman, and the Farish Street Baptist Church. Renovation in the district is ongoing and private home ownership is being encouraged in an effort at urban renewal. Hours of Operation: Phone:(601) 949 4000
7. Vicksburg National Military Park
What is it? The Vicksburg National Military Park commemorates one of the most decisive battles of the American Civil War: the campaign, siege and defence of the city of Vicksburg, 44 miles (71km) west of Jackson in Mississippi. Vicksburg was under siege for 47 days in 1863 as confederate forces vainly tried to defend the city high on the bluff guarding the Mississippi River. The battlefield at Vicksburg is in a good state of preservation and visitors can explore 1,325 historic monuments and markers, 20 miles (32km) of reconstructed trenches and earthworks, an antebellum home, 144 cannon emplacements, the restored Union gunboat, USS Cairo, and the Vicksburg National Cemetery. While in Vicksburg don't miss a riverboat ride on the mighty Mississippi and a visit to the River City Blues Museum in Clay Street, with the largest blues collection on public display in the world. Hours of Operation: Visitor centre open daily 8am to 5pm Phone:(601) 636 0583 (Visitor centre)
8. Elvis Presley Park
306 Elvis Presley Drive, Tupelo
What is it? The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, was born in Tupelo, northern Mississippi in 1935 in a humble home where he began his meteoric rise to fame. The simple two-room house where Elvis drew his first breath is now contained in a park, which has become a place of pilgrimage for thousands of fans every day. The city of Tupelo has other attractions too to make a trip north of Jackson worthwhile. Elvis Presley Park includes not only the period-furnished house, but also a museum, memorial chapel, gift shop and a life-size statue of the legend, aged 13, as he was when he moved from Tupelo to Memphis, Tennessee, with his family. Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm (until 5pm from October to April); Sunday 1pm to 5pm Phone:(662) 841 1245

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Transport -Hiring a car is perhaps the best way to get around in Jackson as many of the attractions lie outside the city, though taxis are readily available.


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