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Frankfurt maps & Attractions - Things to do in Frankfurt


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Frankfurt Attractions - Things to do

1. Goethe-Haus
Großer Hirschgraben 23-25
What is it? The house where Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany's world-famous poet and writer, was born in 1749 is now a shrine to his memory, preserved as an example of how the well-to-do lived in the late Baroque era. The house, which is a reconstruction because the original was destroyed during the Second World War, consists of two neighbouring half-timbered houses in Grosser Hirschgraben, and is sited next to the Goethe Museum, which contains a huge library of books, documents and graphics relating to the poet. Hours of Operation: 10am to 5.30pm daily Phone:(069) 138 800
2. Zoologische Garten
Alfred-Brehm-Platz 16
What is it? Frankfurt's large and well-maintained zoo is home to about 600 different species and a total of 5,000 animals, mostly kept in enclosures resembling as closely as possible their natural habitats. A special feature is a 'day and night house' where visitors can watch what nocturnal creatures do after dark. The zoo, located in Ostend, was established in 1858 and is one of the oldest in Germany. Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm, and weekends 8am to 7pm (April to October); daily 9am to 5pm (November to March) Phone:(069) 2123 3735
3. Botanical Gardens
Siesmayerstrasse 61
What is it? The well ordered and interesting Botanical Garden in Frankfurt is administered by the University. The gardens are designed to take visitors on a journey through different areas of the plant kingdom, from the hardwood forests of North America to the barren savannah of Africa. The gardens cover more than eight hectares (20 acres) and contain more than 6,000 different botanical species, from exotic rainforest flowers to European weeds. Hours of Operation: Daily 9am to 6pm between March and October, with earlier closing during winter months Phone:(069) 2123 3939
4. Wiesbaden

What is it? Germany's most favoured spa resort lies about 25 miles (40km) west of Frankfurt in a valley between the Rhine River and Taunus Mountains. The town has been a spa resort since the time of the ancient Romans, with its 26 hot springs averaging temperatures of around 50°C (122°F). Besides being known for its luxurious spa hotels, Wiesbaden is also a cultural centre, its events being concentrated around the major Kurhaus concert hall complex. The complex includes a casino and restaurant, conference and exhibition facilities. Hours of Operation: Phone:
5. The Rhineland
Rheinland-Pfalz Tourism Bureau, Löhrstraße 103 - 105, Koblenz
What is it? The wide, deep and sluggish Rhine River flows from Switzerland into the sea in the Netherlands, and most of its length in the process meanders through the mountains and plains of Germany. The river has always served as a major trading route, and it is also a favourite with tourists who enjoy cruising it, particularly along its scenic mid-section between Mainz and Koblenz. Boarding a steamer in Mainz, about 25 miles (40km) south west of Frankfurt, one journeys through steep vine-covered hillsides dotted with romantic towns and castles, many associated with fascinating legends and fables. Hours of Operation: Phone:RheinlandPfalz Tourism Bureau: (0)261 915 200
6. Trier
Tourist Information: An der Porta Nigra, Trier
What is it? A taste of ancient Rome is a popular tourist attraction in the German city of Trier, 120 miles (193km) south west of Frankfurt. Trier was founded as a colonial capital under Roman Emperor Augustus in 16 BC, making it Germany's oldest city. The city became an important political and cultural centre, and many Roman buildings and monuments remain to be explored by visitors. The city is also a good starting point for trips into the Mosel Valley, and cruises on the scenic Mosel River, which is Germany's main wine-producing region. Hours of Operation: Phone:Tourist Information: 651 978080
7. Heidelberg

What is it? The historic university town of Heidelberg, about 55 miles (89km) south of Frankfurt, is billed as a city of music and romance. It is one of the few German cities that escaped relatively unscathed from air raids during World War II, and still has numerous buildings from the Middle Ages and Renaissance to explore. The modern part of the city around the Bismarckplatz has some good hotels and restaurants, and enticing shopping plazas. The city is built along the banks of the Neckar River, and has a colourful atmosphere lent by its large student population, particularly in the student quarter with its narrow streets and lively inns. The university was established in 1386. Hours of Operation: Phone:

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Transport -Public transport in the city is expensive, but efficient, consisting of an integrated network of fast, modern underground U-Bahn lines, S-Bahn city trains, trams and buses that operate from 4am to 2am.


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