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Travel guide to flights & holidays in Zurich.


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Zurich Holidays Overview

Whoever said Zurich was a boring banking capital? Yes, Zurich might be known to host some of the most important banking institutions in the world, but it is anything but boring. In fact, Zurich is one of those cities that completely tarnished its reputation of being a serious banking capital. Boring business men, uptight people in suits, hectic lifestyles, traditional Swiss efficiency – well, apart from the Swiss efficiency everything else is what people would like the banking capital to be, not what Zurich truly is.

Yes, Zurich might be the financial capital of Switzerland and be home to the fourth largest stock exchange of the world, but it is also known to be a pulsating metropolis that offers its tourists with trendy settings and a vibrant lifestyle. What makes Zurich so unique is that despite being a modern metropolis in every sense, it still offers tourists with a chance of enjoying the little pleasures of life without having to tolerate the hectic and stressful big city lifestyles. Heck, you can even drink the water of the beautiful lake on which Zurich is located.

Simply put, Zurich offers its travellers with the best of both worlds. No, we do not mean the East and West or Rich and Poor. What we mean to say is that Zurich allows its visitors to enjoy the relaxed pace of life that is typically found in the countryside and also enjoy the bustling lifestyles and attractions of a modern metropolis at the same time. This unique combination along with the beautiful weather and even better scenery is what makes Zurich one of the best cities to live in.

Zurich is also known to be one of the biggest shopping and art destinations in the world. Art lovers can have a blast at the Rietberg Museum or the Kunsthaus Museum while shopaholics simply cannot miss Niederdorf or Bahnofstrasse. The countless nightclubs and bars, a vibrant nightlife, an excellent biking system and a bike rental program, the gorgeous natural beauty and innate architectures and artefacts are some of the best experiences that the city has to offer.

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Zurich holidays - Top Places To Go

1. Fraumünster Church
Am Münsterhofplatz
What is it? Of the church spires that characterise Zurich's skyline, the thin blue spire of Fraumünster is the most graceful. Overlooking the historic old square of Münsterhof, the former pig market, the church was founded in 853 and its convent inhabited by German noblewomen until the 13th century. Important architectural features include the Romanesque choir and the enormous elaborate organ, but its chief attractions are the five beautiful stained glass windows designed by the 83-year-old Marc Chagall in 1970. Hours of Operation: 9am to 6pm (May to September); 10am to 5pm (October); 10am to 4pm (November to March); 10am to 5pm (March to April). The church is closed between noon and 2pm daily, on Sundays it is closed until 2pm Phone:(01) 211 4100



2. The Swiss National Museum
Museumstrausse 2
What is it? Housed in a castle-like building with a distinctive tower, The Swiss National Museum provides a fascinating look at Swiss culture and history and contains a comprehensive collection of artefacts from the Stone Age to modern times. There are works of art, everyday articles such as medieval drinking bowls and costumes, toys, a section on book-inscribing in the Middle Ages, carved altar pieces and stained glass windows from ancient convents and churches, and the wheels found in Zurich that are believed to be the first ever discovered. There is also an exhibit on Swiss clock making, and a weapons and armour display providing insight into methods of Swiss combat from 800 to 1800. Special exhibitions are held annually on themes relevant to Swiss society. Hours of Operation: Daily except Mondays from 10.30am to 5pm Phone:(0)44 218 6511



3. The Rhine Falls
8447 Dachsen
What is it? An excellent day trip from Zurich and close to the town of Schaffhausen, the Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) is the largest and most powerful waterfall in Europe, impressive not so much for its height of 75ft (23m), but more for the mighty volume of water thundering over its broad breadth. This magnificent natural wonder is especially remarkable during late spring when the snowmelt adds to its volume. On the hill above the falls is a medieval castle, Schloss Laufen, housing a restaurant, shops and a youth hostel. Rainbow-coloured mists rising from the forest and encircling the castle create an enchanting atmosphere. In summer one of the highlights of a visit to the falls is a boat trip across the white-water of the cataracts to the Centre Rock, with a short climb up some stairs to the top for an exhilarating view of the rushing water. Breathtaking views can also be enjoyed from three different lookout platforms along a path leading from the castle. The Känzeli Lookout, with a protruding platform at the base of the falls, is the most spectacular. The Rhine Falls is host to the fantastic fireworks display held on Swiss National Day (August 1) that attracts thousands of spectators every year. Hours of Operation: Phone:(052) 672 7455



Zurich holidays - Top Events


1. Zurich Festival

From 2007-06-01

To 2007-07-31

What is it? Zurich's Festspiele is an annual celebration of classical music, opera, dance, theatre, and art that presents local and international artists of world renown. Special concerts and performances are held throughout the city. Where is it? Various



2. Zurich Theatre Spectacle

From 2006-08-17

To 2006-09-03

What is it? One of the top cultural events in Zurich, the Theatre Spectacle is a festival for new and cutting edge theatre that presents an international collection of theatre companies and the latest in performing arts productions. Every summer over 20 theatre groups stage performances around the city, including open-air productions next to the lake. Where is it? Various



3. Street Parade



What is it? Every August thousands of revellers flock to what has become the biggest techno-music street party in the world, modelled on the Berlin Love Parade. People from all over the world join together in a 'demonstration for love, peace, freedom and tolerance' to the beat of house and techno music. The city's biggest party is a weekend of colourful floats, or Love Mobiles, costumed dancers and loud music, as well as numerous parties and festival events that take place before and after the parade. Where is it?




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