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Tokyo Narita Holidays Overview


Tokyo is the largest city in Japan located on the main island of Honshu. It is a prefecture level city and is officially known as Tokyo Metropolis. The entire metropolis consists of 23 special regions. It is the headquarters of the Japanese government and the centre of politics and economic in Japan. Tokyo is also the world’s largest metropolitan economy and is regarded as on of the world’s three economic powerhouse cities together with London and New York. It is has been named in the top three of the world’s most livable cities on a number of occasions.
Having originally begun as small fishing village, the city has grown from strength to strength over the centuries. It was extensively destroyed in 1945 by allied bombing but was again massively rebuilt and shown to the world in the 1964 Olympic Games. Tokyo has a massive subway system which characterizes its public transportation system. Its bullet trains are a common mode of transport for the people of Tokyo.
The metropolis of Tokyo has a population of 35 million people making it the most populated metropolitan area in the world. The population in the prefecture is about 12 million people. The majority of the people are Japanese but as is common with such large cities, there is a thriving immigrant population consisting mainly of Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Americans, Britons and Brazilians.
Tokyo lies in a humid sub tropical area. It is warmest from May to September and coldest from December to March. Its population is said to be significant contributor to its climate and scientists are currently studying this phenomenon known as the Heat island phenomenon. On a number of times in history, Tokyo has been hit by massive earthquakes that have caused widespread damage and loss of life. Typhoons also hit the city a couple of times every year though none has caused any serious damage.


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Tokyo Narita holidays - Top Events

Tokyo has numerous festivals happening at various times during the year. Due to the vastness of the city and the massive population, at any given point in time there is some event going on. The most well known and which one could say cuts across all interests is the September Basho. This is a Sumo wrestling event where all the greatest Sumo wrestlers in Japan, meet at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall. The event is a major crowd puller and one of Grand Tournaments during the year. It is a must see if you are in Tokyo around this time of the year.


Tokyo Narita holidays - How to Get There

A number of airlines operate scheduled direct flights to Tokyo-Narita from Australian cities. The main airlines are Qantas, Japan Airlines and Jetstar. Major departure cities in Australia are Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns. The average flight time from Sydney to Tokyo is 10 hours.




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