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Semarang Holidays Overview


Semarang is located on the northern coast of the Indonesian island of Java. It is the capital city of the Central Java Province. The name of the city is speculated to have originated from the combination of the words “assam” which means “tamarind” and “arang” which means rare. Another theory states that the word “Semarang” originated from the Chinese “San Bao Loong” which means “the city of Sam Po”. Sam Po was a Chinese admiral.
Semarang has a rich history and is said to have officially come into existence in 1547 when the Sultan of Pajang made Kyai Pandan Arang, an Islamic missionary, the first regent. During the second world war Semarang was occupied by the Japanese.
The population of Semarang is currently about 1.5 million people and is predominantly made up of Javanese. There is also a large Chinese population. The main languages are Indonesian and Javanese.


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Semarang holidays - Top Events

The annual Zheng He Festival celebration is a major public event in Semarang. During this festival a procession starts with a ritual performed at Tay Kak Sie Temple. It is then followed by parading at the Sam Po Kong statue.


Semarang holidays - How to Get There

Direct flights to Semarang from Australian cities are rare. However, Air Asia, Qantas, Virgin Blue and Singapore Airlines operate scheduled direct flights to Jakarta, Bali and Dili in Indonesia. It takes an average of 7 hours to fly from Sydney to Jakarta and another 30 minutes to Semarang.




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