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Osaka Kansai Holidays Overview


The city of Osaka is located in the Kansai region of the Japanese main island of Honshu. It is the capital city of the Osaka Prefecture. It sits at the mouth of the Yodo River and has historically been the commercial capital of Japan. It is at the centre of Japan’s largest metropolitan area that encompasses Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. The city is completely surrounded by 10 smaller cities which are all part of the Osaka prefecture.
Remains of human settlements dating back as 5th BC have been found in Morinomiya. Osaka has had a rich history under different rulers and civilizations from the Asuka and Nara Period in 645 to the modern Osaka. The name literally translates to “large hill/slope”.
Osaka has an interesting population dynamic. The difference between its daytime and night time population is huge at 144%. Its population at night is about 2.6 million and then soars to 3.7 million during the day. The main language in use is Osaka-ben, a Japanese dialect. The majority of the population are ethnic Japanese though there is a large foreigner population made up mostly of Koreans and Chinese.
The hottest months in Osaka are from May to October when temperatures average 30 degrees Celsius while the coldest months are November to March when temperatures can sometimes be as low as zero Celsius. Rainfall is highest during the long rain season from April to July. There is a short rainy season in September which does not last long.


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Osaka Kansai holidays - Top Events

One of the most popular events in Osaka is the Summertime Tenjin Festival held on 24th and 25th of July annually. It is a 24 hour festival that features purification ceremonies as well as traditional and cultural performances. A boat parade is the climax where over 100 decorated boats are lit with lanterns and cruise down the Yodo River.
The Toka Ebisu Festival is held in January every year and it is at this time that business people pray for good fortune during the year. Good luck charms are sold by maidens of fortune.


Osaka Kansai holidays - How to Get There

A number of airlines operate direct flights to Osaka Kansai from Australian cities. These include; Qantas, Japan Airlines and Jetstar. The major departure city in Australia is Gold Coast though there is also substantial traffic from Sydney and Melbourne. The average direct flight time from Sydney to Osaka is 10 hours.




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