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Mumbai Holidays Overview


The name “Mumbai” is a fairly new name for the city that was formerly known as “Bombay”. The name was changed to the Marathi pronunciation of “Mumbai” in 1995 on the insistence of the Shiv Sena Party which was at the time the dominant political force in the Maharashtra State and indeed much of India.
The city of Mumbai has population of just over 14 million people which makes it the second most populous in the world. It is located on the west coast of the Indian sub-continent. The city is built on what used to be a seven island archipelago. Archaeological evidence suggests that this area was occupied from as early as the stone age. Subsequent communities and empires have occupied and ruled the modern day area known as the city of Mumbai. Some major empires that have ruled Mumbai include; The Maurya Empire in the 3rd century BCE, The Silhara Dynasty from AD 810 to 1260, The Gujarat Sultanate from 1391 to 1534, The Mughal Empire in the mid 16th Century, The Portuguese and finally the British Empire from 1661 until the independence of India in 1947.
Mumbai is today a major world economic and cultural centre and the business hub of India. It is the largest port of India and a global financial services power house. India’s vibrant television and film industry, Bollywood, is based in Mumbai. Despite this, Mumbai still suffers from the problems of rapid urbanisation that have afflicted most cities in developing nations. There is inadequate housing, widespread poverty, unemployment, traffic snarl ups and an over crowded mass transit system. There are also huge income disparities; some of the most expensive real estate in the world is found in south Mumbai. Commercial rents in South Mumbai actually exceed those of Manhattan. This in spite of the fact that some of the poorest people in the world can be found in Mumbai.
The main languages spoken in Mumbai are Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and English which is the main language used by white collar job workers. Hindus account for two thirds of the population of Mumbai. There is a fairly large population of Muslims as well. The people of Mumbai refer to themselves as “Mumbaikar”. The city is a unique blend of culture with a multitude of religions, ethnic communities and people from all kinds of diverse cultures who co exist.
Mumbai enjoys a tropical climate with seven dry months. Rainfall peaks in the month of July while the cold season runs from December through to February. Monsoonal rains pound the city between June and September. Temperatures during the year average 27 degrees Celsius.


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Mumbai holidays - Top Events

The Ministry of Tourism of the government of India declares on its website that “there’s a festival every day and a fair every second” in India. It not an idle boast and the majority of these festivals and events are concentrated in the city of Mumbai.
The Festival of Lights, better known as Diwali, is an important festival for every Hindu. During this period, virtually every Hindu home in Mumbai lights up lamps or lanterns in celebration. The festival marks the return of the Indian Lord Rama to his home Ayodhya after annihilating King Ravan who had kidnapped his wife. The lights symbolize the triumph of good over evil. The event takes place on the 17th of October every year and there is a public fireworks display at the Chowpatty Beach.
The Mumbai Film Festival is a week long event held in Bollywood every year in the first week of November. The festival screens over 100 films from around the world at the Adlabs Wadala in addition to other cinemas.
The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is celebrated every January on Sunday in the Dubash Marg section of Dubai. The pedestrian plaza is transformed into a hive of activity of arts and craft displays. In addition to seeing and buying the arts and craft, visitors also get an opportunity to sample the Maharashtra cuisine and dance to the traditional music performed by folk dancers and musicians.
Every February, the Elephanta Festival is held at the Elephanta caves. It is a festival of Indian classical dance where visitors can appreciate the dance performances as they enjoy traditional food and see the Elephanta Caves.


Mumbai holidays - How to Get There

There are no direct flights to Mumbai from Australia or any other Indian city for that matter. The most viable travel option is to connect via Singapore or Malaysia. Qantas, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines offer indirect flights to Mumbai from a number of Australian cities. It takes on average 13 hours to fly to Mumbai from Sydney of Melbourne.




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