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Moscow Holidays Overview

Like Dubai, Moscow is known to be a city of superlatives. Not only does it boast of the most colossal building in the world and the most expensive cups of coffee, but it also consists of the most number of billionaires in the world. The city is also known to be extremely expensive and the weather as well as the locals can be quite unfriendly towards visiting tourists.

The city has been the historical, architectural, political and business centre of Russia for ages and historical and modern day attractions are known to stand side by side. The city has been relatively free of hardships and is known to boast of a unique creative energy which is well evident in its beautiful culture. Factories and warehouses have given way to designer boutiques, trendy art galleries and designer nightclubs. The foodies are known to rush off to wine bars, sushi bars, beer bars, coffee bars, cafes and restaurants located all over the city.

The rich history and beautiful architecture that can be seen in Moscow has always excited history buffs from all over the world. The Kremlin might have been the founding site of the city, but it is also home to a number of museums and galleries that are known to portray some of the greatest artefacts from the history of Russia.

Whether you get into the superb metro stations to explore the mesmerizing architecture or check out world famous attractions such as the Red Square, St. Basilís Cathedral, Leninís Mausoleum, the Armoury, KGB Museum and Kremlin, whether you explore the various shopping avenues of Boulevard Ring or people watch at the Pushkin Square, the city always bombards its visitors with more sights and experiences than they can possibly handle.

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Moscow holidays - Top Places To Go

1. The Kremlin
What is it? The oldest part of Moscow dating back to the city's foundation in 1147, and situated at the very heart of the city on top of a hill, the Kremlin is a fortress surrounded by a thick red wall interspersed with 20 towers. The complex consists of a number of glittering, golden-domed churches and palaces, museums, residences, offices, assembly halls and monuments. It was the royal regime during the Tsarist rule and from 1918, the seat of the Communist government. Cathedral Square is the religious centre of Moscow and the historic heart of the Kremlin, and is home to numerous churches. The attractive Annunciation Cathedral was set aside for the private use of royalty and contains beautifully painted murals and icons on the interior walls. The throne of Ivan the Terrible can be found in the Cathedral of the Assumption, which was used for the coronation of tsars; most of the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church were buried here and their tombs line the walls of the spacious, richly coloured interior. The Belfry of Ivan the Great is the tallest structure within the walls and a visible city landmark. At its foot lies the world's biggest bell, broken in a fall from its bell tower in 1701, and nearby is the world's largest cannon, the Tsar Cannon. Also within the Kremlin is the Armoury Palace, the richest and oldest museum housing a staggering collection of treasures gathered over the years by the church and Russian state, including jewel-studded coronation capes, thrones encrusted with diamonds, royal coaches and sleighs and the renowned jewelled Fabergť Easter eggs, each containing an exquisitely detailed miniature object of precious metal inside. The Diamond Fund Exhibition in the same building contains the 180-carat diamond given to Catherine the Great by Count Orlov. Hours of Operation: Daily except Thursdays from 10am to 5pm Phone:(095) 202 3776



2. Red Square
Krasnaya Ploshchad
What is it? Red Square is a dramatic open cobbled space in the centre of Moscow, originally the city's market place that served as a public gathering place to celebrate festivals, listen to government announcements or to witness executions, especially common during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. The Soviet state turned it into a memorial cemetery, and constructed Lenin's Mausoleum to one side - a crystal casket containing the preserved body of the founder of the Soviet Union that is still open to public viewing today. The communist government destroyed several ancient buildings around Red Square, including the Resurrection Gate and chapel, to make space for and to allow easy tank access to the demonstrations and military parades that frequented the area. The current Resurrection Gate and chapel are replicas that were built in the 1990s. Its most impressive parade involved the gathering of thousands of Russian soldiers ready to march to war against the Nazis in 1941, the rumble of tanks a demonstration of Soviet might during the Cold War. The word 'red' doesn't apply to the colour of the brickwork, neither is it a reference to communism. The meaning of the word 'krasny' originally meant 'beautiful' in Old Russian, referring to St Basil's Cathedral at the southern end, but over the centuries the word changed to mean 'red' too, thus the square's present name. St Basil's Cathedral is the city's most well known building and is crowned by the bulbous multicoloured domes that have made it an instantly recognisable landmark. Hours of Operation: Phone:



3. St Basil's Cathedral
Krasnaya Ploshchad 4
What is it? St Basil's Cathedral with its multicoloured domes is the most famous image of Russia, standing on the edge of Moscow's Red Square, a striking design that was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible to commemorate his victorious military campaign against the Tartar Mongols at Kazan in 1552. Legend has it that Ivan was so overwhelmed by its beauty that he had the architect blinded to prevent him from creating anything to rival it. It comprises a central chapel surrounded by eight red brick tower-like chapels, each crowned with a different coloured and uniquely patterned onion-shaped dome. The church escaped demolition many times during the city's turbulent history and with the beginning of the Soviet regime the cathedral was closed and later turned into a museum. The interior is a dimly lit maze of corridors and delicately decorated chapels, one of them housing a priceless 16th century screen decorated with icons that shields the inner sanctuary. In comparison to the exquisite exterior, the interior can seem disappointing. Hours of Operation: Daily except Tuesdays between 11am and 5.30pm Phone:(095) 298 5880



Moscow holidays - Top Events


1. Winter Festival

From 2006-12-25

To 2007-01-05

What is it? Celebrated over the Western Christmas and New Year period, the Russian Winter Festival combines different celebrations and holidays and is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy Russian customs and festivities, such as traditional folk music, troika (sleigh) rides and games, Russian food and lots of vodka. There are also musical and dance performances, and characters dressed as popular Russian mythological figures are there to greet the crowds. For more information contact the Russian Federation Tourism Department on +7 (8) 095 208 2937 or email Where is it? Izmailovo Park




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