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Chennai Holidays Overview


Chennai is the capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu in India.Chennai which was previously known as Madras is included in the list of the four largest metropolitan cities in India in fact it is the countryís fourth largest city which is home to more than 8 million people.
The coastal city of Madras was founded in 1639 when the British East India which was represented by Francis Day and Andrew Cogan was granted the land to build a trading center by the local ruler, Damerla Venkatapathy Nayak. The document that stipulated this grant was dated August 22nd 1639 and hence Madras commemorates the anniversary of this day every year as Madras Day.
Madras was one of the first outposts of the British in India and they went on to build a fortification here in the form of Fort Saint George. The building of this fort was completed on April 23rd 1640 , day which is considered to be St Georgeís day and hence the fort was named Britainís patron saint and it today functions as the administrative and legislative seat of the state.
In 1996 the Tamil Nadu government officially changed the name of Madras to Chennai as it wanted it to reflect the origin antecedents of the city rather its colonial past. Madras was the name given to the area by the British who derived it from the name, Madraspatnam, which was the name of the area where they wanted to establish their settlement. It is believed that a neighboring area which later merged into Madraspatnam was called Chennapatnam and the government was to now emphasis this aspect of Chennaiís history and hence they decided to change the name of the city.


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Chennai holidays - Top Events

The Dance and Music Festival of Chennai
The Dance and Music Festival of Chennai which is known as the 'Margazhi Festival of Dance and Music' was first held in 1927 to celebrate the anniversary of the Madras Music Academy. This festival extends over a month each year from mid December to mid January and is held at various venues all over the city. The festival is known to attract more than 2000 artists from all over India. These artists perform in more than 300 concerts, many of which show case Carnatic music and classical dance which are usually the themes of the festival.
Natyanjali Festival
The Natyanjali festival is held in the town of Chidambaram which is located on the outskirts of Chennai. This festival is held over five days in the months of February and March and is dedicated to the Lord Shiva who is known as the cosmic dancer. The Natyanjali festival is held at the Chidambaram temple which is over thousand years old. The temple provides a fitting backdrop for the festival adorned as it is with a gold roof and pillars which have carvings of Lord Shiva in various dance poses. The festival provides a platform for dancers from all over the country to showcase their talents.The festival is organized by the Department of Tourism of the Government of Tamil Nadu, the Ministry of Tourism of the - Government of India and the Natyanjali Trust of the Chidambaram temple.
Pongal is a harvest festival which is celebrated all over Tamil Nadu. Pongal is a major festival that is celebrated in Chennai. The festival is dedicated to the Sun God, Mother Earth and cattle, all elements that ensure a successful harvest. The festival is celebrated with much pomp and ceremony all over Tamil Nadu and features the worship of the Sun god and thecelebration of cattle. Ppngal is usually celebrated during the month of January which coincides with the Tamil sacred month of Thai.


Chennai holidays - How to Get There

Air lines like Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Thai, Jet Airways and British Airways provide air links from the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth to Chennai. The flight time of these journeys depends on the route that you choose to take and the stops that you are compelled to make.
Australia has a diplomatic mission in Chennai in the form of a consulate.




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