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Jakarta Holidays Overview


The teeming metropolis of Jakarta is the capital of the South east Asian nation of Indonesia. Jakarta is located on the north western coast of the island of Java.
The history of Jakarta can be traced back to ancient times when it was known as the port of Sunda Kelapa. This port which conducted trade along the Ciliwung River belonged to a Hindu Kingdom called Sunda during the 14th century. The port of Sunda Kelapa was visited by ships from Palembang, Tanjungpura, Malacca, Maccasar , Madura, India and South China. Sunda Kelapa exported, among other items, pepper, rice and gold.
The Portuguese arrived in Sunda Kelapa in 1513 and they built a warehouse and a fort in the city as an act of defiance against the rule of the Sulanate of Demak which existed in central Java. The city was then attacked in 1557 by a young soldier called Fatahillah who led a force of Muslim soldiers who hailed from Cirebon and Demak. Fatahillah and his forces captured the city from the Portuguese on June 22th 1557 and changed the name of Sunda Kelapa to Jayakarta which translates as 'Complete Victory'.
The Dutch also arrived in Jayakarta in 1596 and established several fortifications there. At this time the western side of the Ciliwung River was controlled by a prince called Prince Jayawikarta who was friendl y with the Sultan of Banten. Banten was a harbor town located to the west of Jakarta. The Prince then invited the British to constructed residences on the western bank of the Ciliwung River in order to provide competition to the Dutch. This caused the relations between the Prince and the Dutch to deteriorate and the Prince attacked and defeated the Dutch with the help of British forces in 1618.
This incident then caused a rift between the Prince and the Sultan of Banten, who was angry that the Prince had not asked him, the Sultan for permission before attacking the Dutch.
his rift helped the Dutch regain control of the city and they did so with the help of a multinational force , the Prince was then forced to take refuge in Tanara which is located in Baten. The Dutch then renamed Jayakarta as Batavia in honor their ancestors, the Batavier. The city then grew in an unplanned manner under the Dutch and it continued to be known as Batavia until 1942.
During the Japanese invasion during World War II the city again came to be known as Jakarta. After the War, the Indonesians began to their freedom struggle for independence. During this struggle the freedom fighters shifted the capital to Yogyakarata but once independence was secured in 1950, Jakarta was once designated as the capital of Indonesia. The founding president of Indonesia, Sukarno had great plans for the city as he initiated various projects to improve the infrastructure of the city and built many monuments like the National Monument, hotels, shopping centers and a new parliament building.
Today Jakarta is a noisy, bustling and boisterous city which has witnessed several economic and political upheavals in recent years though it is also now regarded as a popular tourist destination that is populated by many historical and cultural attractions.
The climate of Jakata can be described as being largely tropical as the city enjoys year round hot humid weather with temperatures that range between 82F (28C) and 95F(35C). The city also has a monsoon season that lasts from late October to early May when the city experiences daily downpours which sometimes are quite intense and cause flooding in many parts of the city.


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Jakarta holidays - Top Events

The Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival
This Jazz Festival attracts top acts from Europe and North America who bring a wide range of sounds to this city. The festival doesnt only feature jazz acts but also features hip hop groups and famous DJs though the festival also aims to highlight local Indonesian music. The Jakarta International Java Jazz festival is usually held during the month of March.
Jakarta International Film Festival
The Jakarta International Film Festival (Jiffest) features more than 100 movies from various countries. The festival also features seminars and aims to shine the spotlight on local film makers. The festival usually kicks off with the Indonesian premiere of a world acclaimed film. This festival is usually held in December every year.
Anniversary of Jakarta
The anniversary of Jakarta is celebrated on the 30th of June every year. The founding of the city is celebrated with an elaborate ball where a King and Queen are selected. Street dances, glittering illumination displays and much merry- making also feature in the celebration of the event. Actually the city begins to host several social, cultural and sports events nearly a month before the anniversary.,285518/190/record.html


Jakarta holidays - How to Get There

Airlines like Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Garuda, Qantas and China Southern provide air linksto Jakarta from the Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne.
Australia has a diplomatic mission in the form of its embassy in Jakarta.(




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