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Harare Holidays Overview


Harare is the capital city of the land locked country of Zimbawe in Africa. It was formerly called Salisbury. The origins of this beautiful, sunlight dappled city situated on Zimbabwe’s central plateau can be traced to 1890 when it was founded as a fort by the Pioneer Column which was a mercenary force established by Cecil Rhodes. The fort was christened Salisbury after the third Marquis of Salisbury. The fort became a municipality in 1897 and a city in 1935; it reigned as the capital of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland from 1953 to 1963.
On April 18, 1982 the date of the second anniversary of Zimbabwe’s independence, the name of the city was changed from Salisbury to Harare.The country of Zimbabwe has been historically known for its various rich natural resources such as gold, copper and silver. Gold mining has attracted settlers to the area through the ages. In the early 19th century when the Shona tribe established the Rozwi state in most of present day Zimbabwe, they suffered an attack in 1834 when the Rozwi leader was assassinated by the Ndebele invaders. The Ndebele established a state whose capital was at Bulawayo. Cecil Rhodes and other European settlers also began to move into the area at this time lured by their greed for gold mining and ivory hunting. These white settlers had the sanction of Queen Victoria of England. As the settlers grew in number, the country came to be referred as Rhodesia in 1895.
The natives of the country were not amenable to the rule of the colonists and there were numerous struggles against the rule of the white colonits. These struggles intensified in the early twentieth century especially in the 1920s and 1930s.This struggle continued during most of the early twentieth century culminating in 1980 when the Marxist President Robert Mugabe came to power and the country achieved independence in 1982.The rule of Robert Mugabe w been marked by much strife. The citizens of Zimbabwe have become increasingly dissatisfied with Mugabe for his corrupt ways over the years but he has survived opposition through dirty politics and intimidation of the local population.


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Harare holidays - Top Events

The Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA)
The Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) is a major arts event that is held annually in Harae.The five main events of HIFA include fine arts, music, dance, spoken word and theatre. The festival which was instituted in 1999 attracts artists from all over the world and features both professionals and amateurs.
The Zimbabwe International Film Festival
This 10 day international film festival is held Harare and other venues in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe film festival features short and feature length films, seminars, workshops and master classes. The film festival aims to improve the interaction between local and foreign film makers.


Harare holidays - How to Get There

Air lines such as South African Airways, Qantas and Ethiopian provide air links to Harare from Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The average flight time to Harare from these Australian cities is more than 25 hours depending on the stops and the route taken.
The Australian Embassy of Zimbabwe is located in the capital city of Harare.




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