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Flagstaff Holidays Overview


Flagstaff is home to some 60,000 people, making it the largest city in the state of Arizona. It is in the northern part of this Southwestern US state. The population is roughly 70% white, 16% Latin American, 10% aboriginal peoples and the rest of other groups. Tourism is one of the large economic contributors to the local economy. The Northern Arizona University is the largest single employer here.
At over 2,000 metres of elevation, the climate is mild in the day. At night it has been know to drop dramatically. In the late 1870s, the European descendants created their first permanent settlement here. In 1894, this was designated the location for the Lowell Observatory which was finished in 1930. This observatory played an important role in modern astronomy over ensuing decades.
Since 1958, municipal authorities have kept ordinances on the books to prevent lighting that would interfere with dark skies in deference to the scientific outpost. In addition to science there is a thriving cultural scene. This city is also an official training site for the US Olympic team.
This destination is frequented by tourists due to its proximity to the Grand Canyon and a wealth of other less known but equally breathtaking natural wonders and historic landmarks. Winter sportsmen come to this area as do summer outdoor enthusiasts and campers. The national Amtrak rail line stops in this city. There is also a bus station. Sightseeing tour operators depart from this here. There is no public transportation system.
There are roughly 40 restaurants in this city. Accommodations in and around town range a full gamut, from luxury resorts to cabins and campgrounds. Five aboriginal peoplesí reservations are in close proximity to this location.


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Flagstaff holidays - Top Events

Since 2003, the Flagstaff Music Festival is held annually for 2 days in June. Admission is free and food and crafts are on sale throughout the day and into the evening, when the stage closes for the night. This is a multi-cultural, multi-genre event. (
The Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival is a 4 day event held in October. It features films from around the world with environmental and social content. It was first held in 2003. (
The Museum of Northern Arizona hosts 4 Native Heritage Festivals throughout the year. The first of these, close to 80 years old, is the Hopi Festival of Arts & Culture, held in early July. Hopi crafts are displayed and there is traditional storytelling, music and dancing shared by this aboriginal people.
The Flagstaff Yoga Festival is a 3 day event in mid summer. It was held in 2009 for the first time, joining the long list of annual events in this city. (
The Flagstaff Folk Festival is held in late June. It began in 2002. Today it brings some 100 acts annually. There is an individual and family rate per day. There is a separate fee for additional events such as the Saturday night dance party. Itís organised by the Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music. (


Flagstaff holidays - How to Get There

Delta's shortest estimated travel time from Sydney (SYD) to this location (FLG) is 23 hours with one stopover. Qantas has a shorter flight, completing travel in 17 hours and 40 minutes. The nearest Australian Consulate-General is located in the city of Los Angeles, California. (




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