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Travel guide to flights & holidays in Fes (Fez).


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Fes (Fez) Holidays Overview

Fez is Morocco's medieval capital and known for its ancient walls that are often compared to Jerusalem's walled city. The old city in Fes is perhaps the best preserved among the Arab countries.

Fes el-Bali, the city's medina is sprawling, chaotic and the largest urban car-free zone in the world. Motorbikes, carriages and donkeys are used for transporting goods. The medina is also the biggest attraction for visitors in Fes. The covered bazaars and narrow lanes are packed with colourful wares, aromatic food, mosques, workshops and offer a lot to see, smell, hear and experience.

Close to the medina are the colourful pits for leather-dying and the tanneries offer a unique experience to visitors. Another important attraction in Fes is Bou Inania Madersa, a beautiful college dating back to the 14th century. The building offers an excellent example of Islamic architecture with a gorgeous minaret and elaborate carvings of Arabic calligraphy.

Ibn Danan Synagogue dates back to the 17th century and is also known for its architecture. Dar al-Magana is a house that is known for its water clock, powered by weight. The clock was built in 1357.

Surrounding Fes's Old City are several hills that offer beautiful views of the entire city. Overlooking this old city are two fortresses. Borj Nord is home to an armaments museum while Borj Sud is developed for visitors.

Fez is considered to be Morocco's handicraft capital. The old city is a good place to find locally created goods like musical instruments, brassware, copper and leather goods.

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Fes (Fez) holidays - Top Places To Go

1. Karaouine Mosque
What is it? Non-Muslims may not enter this huge mosque, in the heart of the Fes El Bali (Medina), which has been a centre of Islamic learning for more than a thousand years, but often the doors stand open and it is certainly worth taking a look inside. The mosque is surrounded by numerous madrasas (Islamic schools), many of which are open to the public. The most famous of these is the Attarin Madrasa, built in the early 14th century, which features a beautiful bronze door and elegant courtyard with some impressive marble, alabaster and cedar wood decoration. Hours of Operation: Phone:



2. Tanneries
Bab Debbagh (Tannery Gate)
What is it? Morocco is famous for producing high quality soft leather. It is recommended that only those with strong stomachs visit the tanner's quarter, close to the Karaouine Mosque, which despite its odorous reputation has become one of Fez' main attractions. Visitors can ascend to any one of the terraces belonging to the surrounding leather shops that look down on the fascinating tanners' yard, honeycombed with vats of dye and piled with skins (it is expected that you will at least look around the shop afterwards, and if nothing is bought a tip to the shop owner is required). The reason for the bad smell is chiefly because guano and pigeon droppings are used as part of the curing process. Hours of Operation: Daily 9am to 6pm Phone:



3. City gates

What is it? There are several gates allowing entry to the ancient town of Fez: Bab Bou Jeloud, the western gate has bright decorations and hotels and cafes grouped around it; Bab Er Rsif is the central gate, opening onto the square in front of the mosque of the same name; Bab el-Ftouh is the southeast gate giving onto the cemeteries; and Bab Guissa, the north gate, lies on the hillside close to the Merenid tombs vantage point. The principal entrance for tourists is the Bab Bou Jeloud, which was constructed in the modern era in 1913 but appears deceptively older with its tiled facade. Hours of Operation: Phone:



Fes (Fez) holidays - Top Events


1. Sacred Music Festival

From 2007-06-01

To 2007-06-10

What is it? This international festival of music is a celebration of Islam and music lovers from all across the word travel hear a diverse selection of music, not only from Africa, but from Europe, Asia and South America too. The ancient city of Fez hosts styles ranging from European classical to Sufi music from India and Pakistan, African classical guitar to Japanese drumming. The variety is as endless as the maze of Fez itself and the festival is increasing in popularity annually. Where is it?




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