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Da Nang Holidays Overview


DaNang is a port city that is located on the eastern coast of the South East Asian country of Vietnam. DaNang, though not as well known as other Vietnamese cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh is the fourth largest city in Vietnam which has its own share of interesting attractions.
DaNang is blessed with a year round agreeable climate as temperatures in this port city average about 26C all throughout the year. The best time to visit DaNang is during the months of December to February when temperatures in this port city register a pleasant 18-23C, temperatures are generally higher in the summer months of June to August when they hover around 28-30C.
Historical records indicate that the DaNang and its surrounding areas were founded by the Cham practicing Hindus nearly 3000 years ago. DaNang served as the capital city of the Hindu Champa Dynasty and in the 17th century it was settled as port which engaged in trade with Asian and European merchants.
The port of DaNang was annexed by the French under Napoleeon III in 1858 and renamed Tourane. Tourane was an important city in the French colony which experienced much growth and development which resulted in enhancing its size and importance. The French withdrew from Vietnam in 1954 when Vietnam achieved its independence at this time Tourane was renamed Thai Phien City.When Vietnam was divided by the Geneva Conference into North and South Vietnam (communist and non-communist) in 1954 , DaNang was included in the Republic of South Vietnam and in 1965 this deep sea port was the location of the first landing of US troops in S.E.Asia.
DaNang was the site of some of the fiercest battles during the Vietnam War especially during the Tet Offensive. After the American forces departed the ARVN( Army of the Republic of Vietnam) valiantly defended the city until it fell to the North Vietnamese Army in 1973.
DaNang is often overlooked by tourists but it has always featured on the map of budget travelers who love to visit its famous China Beach area. This area was once a recreation spot for American G.I.s during the Vietnam War and today it hosts a small community of bed and breakfast owners who cater to the needs of the backpackers who come to DaNang to enjoy its many beautiful virgin beaches.


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Da Nang holidays - Top Events

The DaNang International Firework Competition
The DaNang International Firework Competition was held for the first time in the month of March 2009. This two day competition featured the participation of various countries like Spain, Australia, China, the Philippines and Vietnam who all put up amazing pyrotechnic displays set to light and sound against the backdrop of the Han River. The competition also featured many cultural and sporting activities like boat races, music shows, culinary programs and food shows and exhibitions and it is set to become an annual event.
The Avalokitecvara Festival
This festival is celebrated every two years around the 19th of February at the Marble Mountains. The festival was first celebrated in 1960 when the Bo Tat Quan the Am statue was inaugurated in the Hoa Ngheim cavern which is located in Thuy Son Mountain. In 1962, this festival was celebrated when the Avalokitecvara pagoda was inaugurated at the Quan Am cavern where a stalactite was shaped like Avalokitecvara was found (Avalokitecvara is the bodhisattva of compassion who is one of the most important and popular Buddhist deities). The festival was then not celebrated until February 1991 when the anniversary of the Avalokitecvara spirit was celebrated.
The Bodhisattva Festival
This festival is celebrated over three days in the month of March usually from the 11th to the 13th (the dates depend on the Lunar calendar). The festival features several cultural and sporting festivities like a tea and calligraphy exhibition and a poet and music forum at the Bodhisattva Temple in DaNang. The festival also includes a boat races, stone carving competitions, a vegetarian food contest and a human chess competition at the temple.The Lang Ca Ong festival
The fisherman of DaNang celebrate the Ca Ong festival in honor of the whale. The whale is usually associated with the prosperity of the fishing villages of DaNang for the fishermen believe that the great mammal protects them and keeps them from harm. The fishermen worship this mammal in the Ca Ong festival which is also held in the month of March on dates determined by the Lunar calendar.


Da Nang holidays - How to Get There

Vietnam Airlines, offers a one stop air link to Da Nang from Sydney via Ho Chi Minh City . The flight time of this journey is approximately twenty four hours. Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, and Emirates are some of the other airlines that connect Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne to Da Nang.
Australia does not have a diplomatic mission in Da Nang but it has its embassy in Hanoi and a consulate in Ho Chi Minh City.




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