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Casablanca Holidays Overview


Casablanca is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, and compared to other Moroccan cities it is a modern westernised metropolis. Casablanca grew massively during the twentieth century, following the declaration of the French Protectorate in 1912. The French began an ambitious building project, expanding the small medina area, and adding wide boulevards, public parks, and plenty of Hispano-Moorish architecture.
There are still aspects of traditional Moroccan life to be seen, such as the historic medina, north of the city and just south of the port, and the awe inspiring Hassan II Mosque. There are fewer women wearing the veil than in other parts of Morocco, however, and men and women mix fairly freely together. The feeling is more that of a Southern European city than an African town.
In 2003 Casablanca hit the headlines due to a series of co-ordinated suicide bombings. Five bombs went off around the city, killing forty people, and the locations were chosen because they were areas frequented by European or Jewish people. Although the bombers were all young Moroccans from the Casablanca area, the overwhelming majority of Moroccan Muslims condemned the action, reinforcing the notion that Morocco is one of the world’s most tolerant Islamic societies.


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Casablanca holidays - Top Events

Jazzablanca Festival
The Jazzablanca Festival takes place annually during the month of April. The programme features a series of jazz-fusion concerts that take place in the Megarama Casablanca Cinema on the Boulevard de la Corniche. The event attracts international artists as well as local musicians.
Festival of Video Art
The annual Casablanca Festival of Video Art was begun in April 1993 with the aim of exploring the domain of visual arts, and multimedia through video and installations. As well as interactive multimedia exhibitions, which are installed in the city centre, there are workshops and conferences organised at the University of Hassan II Mohammedia. Art students from Morocco and all over the world submit their work for display.
The Casablanca Festival
The Casablanca Festival takes place over four days in July, and is a celebration of arts and culture in the Moroccan city. Events take place throughout the city, including outdoor public spaces, theatres, cinemas, and even the beach. The festival combines urban art with a varied programme of music events attracting big name international artists.


Casablanca holidays - How to Get There

Flights from Australia to Casablanca take around twenty six to twenty nine hours. Qantas, Singapore Airlines, and Emirates offer a route that stops in Singapore and Dubai, while Etihad and Royal Air Maroc operate a route changing in Abu Dhabi.




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