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Calicut Holidays Overview


The city of Calicut which was formerly known as Kozhikode is the third largest city in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
The city of Calicut today functions as the headquarters of the Kozhikode district but it has a history which dates back to centuries past when it functioned as an important trading post for spices like black pepper, cardamom silk and other products. During this time it was ruled by the Zamorins. It is believed that the Zamorins traded with the Jews, Arabs, Phoenicians and the Chinese. In fact Calicut is mentioned in the journals of Chinese travelers like Zang He which date back to the 14th century. However the city came into prominence on the global scene when it received the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in 1498. Vasco Da Gama landed on Kappakkadavu Beach in Calicut while he was trying to discover a sea route from Europe to India.
At first the Zamorins resisted the Portuguese efforts to set up a trading post in Calicut but they were soon forced to accede to the Portuguese who finally set up a post in Chaliyar in 1509. The Portuguese dominated trade in Calicut over a century but in the mid-17th century they lost control of this post to the Dutch East India Company. Towards the end of the 17th century Calicut was captured by Hyder Ali who was the ruler of the neighboring state of Mysore.
Hyder Ali was a powerful king who soon got embroiled in skirmishes with the British and this resulted in four Anglo-Mysore wars. During one of these wars Kozhikode was lost to the British by Tipu Sultan, the son of Hyder Ali. The British then organized their territories on the Malabar Coast into the Malabar district which was administered by the Madras Presidency.
After India gained independence from the British in 1947 the Madras Presidency was converted into Madras State and later when the Indian states were reorganized along linguistic lines the regions under the Malabar district were combined with the state of Travancore and Cochin to form the state of Kerala.


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Calicut holidays - Top Events

Malabar Mahotsavam
This Kozhikode tourism festival originated in 1992 when it was first organized by the the Kozhikode District Tourism Promotion Council. This festival which showcases the ancient cultural heritage of Kerala features classic music and dance performances along with traditional folk arts and local theater. The festival is usually held over three days in the month of January at the Mananchira Square and also features exhibitions of local cuisine.
Revathy Pattathanam
Revathy Pattatham is a festival which takes place at the historic Thali festival annually during the Malayalam month of Thulam( October). During this festival eminent vedic scholars compete in a series of intellectual debates and at the end of the debates the winner is conferred the title of Pattathanam. The festival extends over seven days and attracts hordes spectators who thoroughly enjoy the debates.
Calicut also celebrates other indigenous Kerala festivals like the Vishu harvest festival in April and the Onam festival which is held to commemorate the benevolent King Mahabaliin September.


Calicut holidays - How to Get There

Airlines like Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Thai, Emirates and British Airways provide air links from major Australian cities, Melbourne and Sydney to Calicut. The flight time of these journeys depends on the route that you choose to take and the stops that you are compelled to make.
Australia does not have a mission in Calicut and the city is served by the Australian Consulate General located in Chennai.




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