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Bangalore Holidays Overview


The southern Indian city of Bangalore which is officially known as Bengaluru has in recent times gained world-wide fame as the Silicon Valley of India.
Bangalore is home to some of the largest Indian software companies namely Infosys and Wipro who are largely responsible for the majority of software exports from India. Bangalore which is also India’s third most populous city is a major economic powerhouse which also has numerous public sector heavy industries, software companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defence organizations located within its boundaries.
Historical records indicate that the city was founded by a feudal lord called Kempe Gowda in 1537 when he gave the area which is today known as Old Bangalore the name of gandu bhoomi(the place of heroes) after a hunting incident during which his dog was attacked by a rabbit. Gowda then with the help of the local king established a settlement which was composed of three districts which was protected by a walled fort. For the next three centuries, Bangalore was ruled by a succession of local dynasties until 1831, when it was annexed by the British who overthrew the King of Bangalore, Krishna Raja Wodeyar III after accusing him of misrule.
The British then established their administrative capital in the city of Bangalore which was well known for its agreeable year round climate. Accordingly they laid new railway lines, built new communication systems and constructed many grand buildings and parks as they thoroughly modernized the sleepy old town of Bangalore.
After India gained independence from the British in 1947, Bangalore continued to maintain its prominent position in the Indian economy and today this city which is the capital of the state of Karnataka is well known the world over as an important center for the global I.T. industry.


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Bangalore holidays - Top Events

Bangalore celebrates most of the major Indian festivals like Deepavali, Dussehara, Ganesh Chutarthi, Independence day, Republic day and Holi . However the city also celebrates several unique festivals which are native only to Bangalore.
Some of these festivals are :-
The festival of Ugadi
Ugadi is celebrated in the month of March every year and is widely considered to be the first day of the new Hindu lunar calendar. It is believed that the Hindu god Brahma started creation on this day. Ugadi is celebrated with much pomp and ceremony in Bangalore and during this festival; offerings of Jasmine flowers are presented to the gods at the various temples that are located all over Bangalore. The festival also features religious ceremonies and much feasting and the buying of new clothes.
Varamahalakshmi is a festival which is celebrated every August. During this festival married women all over Bangalore present offerings to the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi as they pray for the peace and prosperity of their families and the long lives of their husbands.
Bangalore Habba
The Bangalore Habba is an annual cultural event which is held at various venues in Bangalore every December. The event features musical concerts, dance performances, film shows, street performers, sporting events and outdoor theater. This cultural extravaganza attracts thousands of visitors to Bangalore every year.


Bangalore holidays - How to Get There

Airlines such as Thai airways, Singapore Airlines Qantas, Emirates, Malaysian Airlines and British Airways connect major Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne to Bangalore. These journeys usually feature one or more stops and tend to extend over twenty five hours.
Australia currently doesn’t have a consulate in Bangalore which is served by the consulate general of Australia which is located in the neighboring city of Chennai.




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