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Accra Holidays Overview


Accra, the capital of the Western African country, Ghana, is located on the Gulf of Guinea which goes on to meet the Atlantic Ocean. Accra is a vibrant, modern city which serves as the gateway to the Atlantic coast of Ghana which is renowned for its many gorgeous palm fringed beaches.
The origins of Accra can be traced back to pre colonial times when it was composed of a smattering of villages which were controlled by Ga- Danme chiefs. The Portuguese were the first Europeans who arrived in Ghana in 1471 in search of gold, ivory and slaves in order to consolidate their power in the region. The Portuguese were soon followed by the Dutch and then the British. All these European powers built a number of forts along Ghana’s coastal regions that bordered the Gulf of Guinea and trade with Ghana flourished until it was colonized by the British and established as a crown colony, Gold Coast in 1874.
The Gold Coast achieved independence from the British in 1957 and the country was renamed Ghana after the ancient empire of Ghana that had once extended over much of West Africa. Today the country’s vibrant capital, Accra is a bustling metropolis that is home to towering skyscrapers, leafy suburban homes, gourmet restaurants and nightclubs and densely populated shanty towns.


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Accra holidays - Top Events

Held every two years during the months of July/ August, this festival aims to promote the pan- African ideology through Arts and Culture. The central theme of this festival is to promote development through co-operation between various African nations and the Diaspora.
This harvest festival is celebrated in Accra by the descendants of the Ga people who were the original inhabitants of Accra. The festival which is held in the month of May commences with the sowing of the millet by the priests. After this a thirty-day ban thirty-day ban on drumming is imposed by the priests. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the migration of the Ga people to present day Accra. Whne the Ga were migrating to Accra they were faced with a severe famine, they then proceeded to embark on a massive food production exercise that resulted in a bumper harvest. This harvest eliminated their hunger and they celebrated with great joy by ‘hooting at hunger’. This ritual gave birth to the Homowo festival which in fact is the translation of the expression to ‘hoot at hunger’.


Accra holidays - How to Get There

Airlines like British Airways and Emirates provide air links between the Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne and Accra. These journeys often involve one or more stops and hence the flight time varies accordingly but tends to exceed more than 25 hours on most routes.
Australia’s High Commission in Ghana is located in its capital city of Accra.




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